Sunday, December 27, 2015

2016 Fund Raising Drive---We Need Your Help

 In the Upper Right Corner of the Webpage is a Donate Button. Please support us by clicking the PayPal Donate button. All Credit Cards are accepted. No Paypal account needed.  

We started this Website in 2005; We did so with the intention of providing pertinent information, factual news, an insiders look at what occurs behind closed doors. Doors which the wealthy, connected, powerful do NOT want opened.  A Free society is only a Free society because it is an informed society.  We live in an age of information overload. 

Often, the most important News, Stories, and Information is hidden from the people who need it most.  We endeavor every year, every month, every week to seek out the most important issues, information, scandals which need to be heard and discriminated. It is not easy, but it is something We are committed to doing.  It's the same reason I am in school. We here at 'Gabriel's Trumpet' are striving for a better world, one where the blinders are off, the playing field is level and the people have a voice. 

We need your help to continue this fight! Everyday Hundreds of people come to this sight, 30,000 last month alone arrived to get their unfiltered news.  We have had countless people contact us and thank us for bringing stories to light.  In some countries the STORIES provided here are illegal.   We have been contacted by those whom have been riled; those who wish to stay in the dark and not be seen. People from all over the world on every continent come to 'Gabriel's Trumpet' and We thank you for your readership and support.

You Donation can seriously make a difference for US here at Gabriel's Trumpet. We want to expand in the 2016 New Year, to hire more reporters, to reach more people, more countries, more lives. We hunger to speak that which is hidden, to tear down the lies and misinformation, most of all to wake those that are sleeping and set the captives FREE...

We need your help!

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