Thursday, November 19, 2015

The True Reason Behind the Paris Attacks


French President Francois Hollande proposed constitutional amendments and a three-month extension of state of emergency measures Monday that will severely limit, and permanently remove the civil liberties of French citizens.

After a series of coordinated terrorist attacks left 129 dead in Paris Friday, Hollande immediately declared a state of emergency, based on a rarely used 1955 law that allows the state to conduct warrant-less searches of private property, impose curfews, restrict public gatherings and movements of people, confiscate weapons at will and take over the press.

By law the state of emergency cannot last more than 12 days, but Hollande asked for a three-month extension Monday. He also proposed a series of constitutional amendments to increase the state’s surveillance powers and give it power to strip convicted terrorists and bi-nationals who commit hostile acts toward France of citizenship. It also permanently will remove all privacy from French citizens.

Hollande said the amendments are necessary so the state doesn’t have to “resort to the state of emergency” to deal with terror threats. “We must change our constitution to act against terrorism,” he said Monday.

The proposed amendments will also give the state “more sophisticated methods” to crack down on weapons trafficking, a quicker way to deport foreigners considered a threat, and the ability to bar bi-nationals considered a terror risk from entering the country. It will also turn France into a De facto police state. 

Who really wins in these most recent attacks in Paris?  The terrorist certainly do not, they gained nothing in the Paris attack.  The French political hard liners gain everything. Now, thanks to manufactured fear, televised bloodshed, the citizens of France are properly cowered and are begging the French government to protect them against any and all bogey men. This, is a classical coup d'État (French pronunciation: ​[ku deta]) literally meaning a "stroke of state" or "blow against the state."

That, 'blow against the state' was the crushing strike, which, fells Democracy in France forever more.  Should, some power wanted to over throw a free state and desired to use means other then military might, the text book, False Flag (Burning of the Reichstag) is a perfect maneuver.     
This is the time for bravery, patience, and clear thinking, but those in power, those who crave a Europe wrapped in the iron fist of Totalitarianism will not allow their plans to be derailed.  IF necessary, TPTB  will happily wade through a river of blood and dead bodies to achieve their goals. 

GOD help the Fench! After 9/11 the Americans were too shell shocked to think straight and the result was the Patriot act, a run away NSA, CIA, RIO.  9/11 has become the blueprint for over throwing once Western nations. 

Step 1:  False Flag operation which has maximum body count, blood and gore, with constant media rotation  of the event 24-7.
Step2: Invent a phony bogey man, preferably one from the middle east.  Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, ISL, any middle eastern, Western controlled and created bogey man will do.  Then, lay all the blame and carnage at their doorstep. 

Step 3: Follow through with predetermined goals by pretending to go after the fake bogey men.  While, the public is still staggering from the fear of the attacks swiftly without any oversight, pass devastating legislation curtailing all civil liberties, civil freedoms all of which do noting to hurt terrorists, but do everything to make the citizens, enemies of the state. 
This is ALL Classical 'Hegel's dialectic' Problem, Reaction, Solution...

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