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The Brutal Face of Modern Day islam

The above picture is of a 9yr old Yazidi begging to be killed rather then become a sex slave for ISIS/ISIL

Any, muslim, or their mass media apologists, who are skilled Taqiyya-Tacticians will try and pass off the bold face lie and state..."That Radical islam is not the true face of islam.  For those of you who don't know, muslim are allowed, by the koran, to lie anytime, anywhere, however it suits them.  This is ingrained in their culture that lying to non-beliver's is not only acceptable, but commanded by allah their desert god.

After all, you are a Kafir ( Non-Believer) In the koran it sates  8:12 The lord spoke to his angels and said, “i will be with you. Give strength to the believers. i will send terror into the kafirs’ hearts, cut off their heads and even the tips of their fin-gers!”

Over the past year, Islamic State forces have kidnapped many thousands of young Yazidi women to use as sex slaves. Islamic State fighters kidnapped thousands of Yazidi women and girls after they swept through northern Iraq earlier this year. Their fate is just one step above hell on earth.
Isis claim it is permissible to enslave Yazidis because, after all, it in the koran.  Sharia law, which applies to ALL muslims allows the enslavement, possession, and sale of captured NON-BELIEVERS or as the muslim's call them "pagans."  
The  Taqiyya-Tacticians want to pass off the lie that this is somehow an aberration of islam. It is not, it is the TRUE  FACE of islam.  It's in EVERY koran, not just the imaginary radicalized koran. The capture, enslavement, and rape of young women (Kafirs-NON Believers) is in EVERY koran that is sold and read by all muslim believers.  It is one of the core tenets of islam.  

You might ask yourself...'what happens to the women not found visually pleasing to the inbred descendants of muhammad?  Well, sadly, we know what happened to those not deemed ‘attractive enough’ for them.The the massacre of the Yazidis cannot be ignored if the true nature of islam is to be understood by the West. 

The pic below makes it absolutely clear what happens to those women not found sexy enough for ISIS/ISIL.

The Yazidis are a religious sect whose faith incorporates parts of several ancient Middle Eastern religions. To Isil, they are 'devil worshippers' – the lowest of the low – who should be either killed or enslaved. 

In August 2014 the militants overran Yazidi territory in Sinjar and began killing and kidnapping thousands of men, women and children. The United Nations has already acknowledged that what happened in those dark days may be considered genocide. 
In the village of Kocho, Isil militants gave the inhabitants a deadline by which to convert to Islam. If they refused, they would die. 

Hundreds of men and boys were slaughtered; many killed by point-blank shots to the head or were pushed off cliffs. More than a thousand women and girls were kidnapped. The brutal savagery by ISIS/ISIL fighters of sexual violence against these young women and underage girls, some as young as 5yrs old, has been painfully well documents. 
Last year, one 17-year-old girl, part of a group of about 40 Yazidi women who were still being held captive and sexually abused on a daily basis by ISIS/ISIL fighters, told how they were repeatedly raped on the top floor of the building, up to three times a day, by different groups of men. Then, when the men were finished the women were herded like animals into locked rooms. Deprived of any medical attention, running water, or even basic sanitation  these women were forced to endure this horror over and over till they were of no use anymore. Then, with little fanfare they were shot in the face and dumped into an open pit.  

"Our torturers do not even spare the women who have small children with them. "Nor do they spare the girls - some of our group are not even 10 years old. Some of them, while alive physically, were nothing but an empty shell emotionally.  The very young girls, those who were virgins when this nightmare began, will no longer say a word." 

Now, another chilling part of the picture has been filled in: what happened to the older women. 
After a two day offensive to recapture Sinjar, last Friday, Kurdish forces were met by young Yazidi women who had somehow managed to escape the clutches of the Isil kidnappers. They led their liberators to ditches containing the bodies of their mothers and grandmothers. 

According to the survivors, these older women were taken behind the technical institute in the Solagh area, east of Sinjar. After a pause, gunfire was heard.
The belongings scattered by the dusty mass grave in Sinjar show this is no ordinary war. Elderly women who use walking sticks are not soldiers. 

Islamic State’s attitude to women has been brutally laid bare in its division of the Yazidis into those who were young and beautiful enough to rape, and those who were not. Mothers and grandmothers who seemingly could not command a price in the sex market (reportedly a 'packet of cigarettes') were simply slaughtered. 

This is the TRUE face of islam...brutality, savagery, genocide, misogyny, rape, slavery, racisim, straight from the pages of the koran...

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