Saturday, November 21, 2015

Qui Bono After Paris

After the attacks in Paris, France on 11/13/2015 the European Commission on Wednesday adopted a package of measures to strengthen control of firearms across the European Union(EU). 

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said: "The recent terrorist attacks on Europe's people and values were coordinated across borders, showing we must work together to resist these threats."
"Today's proposal will help us tackle the threat of weapons falling into the hands of terrorists. We are proposing stricter controls on sale and registration of firearms, and stronger rules to irrevocably deactivate weapons," said Juncker.


These measures pretend that they are for prevent terrorists from accessing weapons in the EU.  The truth is that it once again, is PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION by the right wing EU hardliners.  
 The truth is that the Paris attacks do little for the islamic cause and advances by leaps and bounds the totalitarian ideology of Social Marxism in the E.U.  
The package of measures includes a revision of the firearms directive to tighten controls on the acquisition and possession of firearms, which need to be approved by the European Parliament and European Council.

An implementing regulation on common minimum standards for deactivation of firearms is included in the package, which sets out common and strict criteria on the way member states must deactivate weapons.

"Today's proposal will in NO way prevent attacks that happened in Paris on 11-13-15. What they will do is curtail the individual freedoms of all members of the E.U. states.  It further removes civil liberties from all citizens of the E.U., while concentrating power into smaller and smaller circles.  

The E.U. politicians promise things which they can not deliver.  Criminals and terrorists are not going to purchase a handgun legally, nor will they in any way be stymied by any slew of gun laws.The thing you have to ask yourself is...

'Qui Bono' 

Who REALLY benefited from the Paris attacks Did these attacks further the cause of islamic terrorists? Did these attacks stop the attacks by Western powers in Syria or the middle east?  Who really gained the most by the attacks in Paris? Answer the right wing hardliners within the E.U. parliament. 

1. Martial Law has been enacted and extended for at least 90 days.  Let us remember that the E.U. is not one for giving back civil liberties once it has fraudulently stolen them. 

2. The right to keep and bear arms has been greatly reduced and that right will NEVER be returned by the E.U. Parliament to it's nation states.  

3. Surveillance laws further extending the right of the E.U. government nation states to spy on it's own citizens are now being put in place.

The real winner in the Paris attacks in most likely the same people who are shouting form the roof tops that the E.U. is not safe enough, that the E.U. laws are not strict enough, that the citizens of the E.U. are too free for their own good.  

Fear is a great moderator. The fear of bogey men terrorists, the fear of nameless foreigners who might strike at any moment.  If you stop to think , for even a second, the easiest way for the E.U. politicians to accomplish political change is...


After all, what are the real costs to the E.U. nation states for 150 dead people. Practically, ZERO.  After all, it was nameless, faceless, middle eastern bogey men who did the crime.  No one will get sued, no one will be blamed, from a financial stand point it's bullet proof.  Forget political change where people must be convinced of your intellectual view point, forget paying for T.V. adds, forget having to hire celebrities to endorse your line of thinking.  It's almost, no, no, it's perfectly diabolical...

Get some blood thirsty islamic terrorists, set them up like good little soldiers, then wind them up and let them go about their bloody business.  Then, when it's all over you shed a tear or two, moan and weep about the poor dead people, then go on a frenzied media tour pushing your totalitarian agenda, shoving your pre-packaged anti-freedom legislation down the throats of still reeling E.U. citizens who are shell shocked and not thinking clearly.  
Then, when its' all over, go to a few funerals, garner more air time telling everyone that it was YOU who has NOW made the E.U. nation states safe.  After all, the new draconian, anti-liberty, ultra-surveillance laws were the whole reason for the attacks in the first place. 
My question again, is this who REALLY benefited by the attacks...

Qui Bono

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