Saturday, November 07, 2015

Police Officers are the NWO Shock Troops

When a disgusted citizen, rightly so, informs an abusive police officer that he pays the officer’s salary, the victim is committing a category error. Those of us who constitute the productive sector don’t pay the police; they are paid by the people who plunder our property at gunpoint, the city, state, or Federal government. 

Once it is understood that police employed by the enemies of the people who commit aggression against us, our property, and our families we shouldn’t be surprised that police are working against us rather then for us.  

Current police officers are of on practical value in terms of protecting property against criminal aggression. Police are properly seen as retail-level distributors of violence on behalf of the rich and politically connected cartel.

Law enforcement is a “product” we are forced to buy, and severely punished – through summary application of torture, or even by death – if we refuse. Since law enforcement operates as a monopoly, rather than through the open market, there is no legitimate pricing mechanism to guide rational allocation of resources, and no way to measure “customer” satisfaction – although using the term “customer” in this context is a bit like using the term “girlfriend” to describe a rape victim.


Indeed, the institutional response of law enforcement to public dissatisfaction is to expand and escalate their violent behavior. The same US vs THEM attitude that inspired the deep distrust and honestly earned discontent.  The occupying force known as your local police force treat any criticism as a threat to their domination of the local citizenry.  Any evidence of criminal action or intent is quickly and quietly swept under the proverbial blue line. 

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Anonymous said...

So, as the world watches the French police armed in Paris roaming the streets and buildings in search of militant ISIS, you're saying that there is NO difference between the two groups? You are a most disturbed person and your comparisons of the two groups are beyond comprehension. I'm grateful that there are far fewer thankless people like you protecting the French.

Gabriel said...

I'm speaking of the Militarized American Police who have declared war on the American people. In no way was I speaking of the French police.

Larry Kingera said...

I hate to be "that guy", but might I suggest that you have a 3rd party proofread your articles before you publish/post them. Your articles are fraught with spelling and grammatical errors. An educated guess would be that your writers either proofread their own articles or rely on an electronic program to do so for them. When people see these most basic of errors, I've no doubt that it reflects poorly on this online publication. I'm the first person to jump all over what I like to call "grammar nazis" when they insult and berate individuals who participate in discussion threads because they have no idea of the educational background of a person or even if English is their first language. I view that kind of behavior as non-productive and wholly disingenuous. It's nothing less than cyber bullying, IMHO. The situation with your publication is completely different. You are a professional online publication and these errors are unacceptable... or they would be if I was the editor of this publication. Please accept my criticism in the spirit of which I offer it - constructive and without any intended malice or rancor as I enjoy most of the articles from this site, as well as the balance of topics and the opportunity to engage in further discussion with other readers. Thank you for your time and consideration of this topic.

Duweey Amman said...

It seems more times than not when citizens are encountered by the police the police have the attitude that the citizen is guilty until he or she proves that they are innocent when a police officer comes to a citizen in a bullying intimidating Manor what do you do because if we do not stand up for ourselves it will continue to get worse and when we do stand up for ourselves it immediately gets worse and in many cases and in many cases leaving civilian dead by police officer Benjamin Franklin said if we allow ourselves to become sheep we will be devoured by wolves he also said that if we sacrifice Liberty for safety you don't deserve Liberty or safety so what to do???