Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bilderberg Wants You Dead


 Closing 'Remarks' by the Chairman of the Bilderberg Group

If we continue to maintain control of the masses by the classical wage labor within a framework of a system built on mass production and mass consumption with the solvency of the consumers by allocating a portion of the wealth created via work, we all have now acquired the certainty that the long-term survival of the human species, the backup and the sustainability of a viable biosphere and in harmony with the human activities required a total reorganization of our modes of thought, organization and production.

As we all know, in fact the goal we are pursuing is neither totally vain accumulation of new wealth or even the rescue of an economic system, it was used for more than three centuries and become incompatible with our vision of the future.
 The objective which we pursue is obviously the one of the eternal life, or in any case the passage to the man living two centuries and we join here the ambitious ideas of transhumanism which we wish to develop, to install to favor the emergence of a new human being, a NEW superman.

Our plans and technologies are highly developed. We are ready to live two centuries and beyond.  The new nanotechnologies allow us to repair the bodies of the inside, the decoding of the human genome allowed us to understand the functioning of the cellular aging which we are not capable of stopping, but of slowing down considerably. 

Our control of stem cells allows us to re-make at the demand any cellular tissue or structure, obviously any organ which would become failing.
Finally, our control of the human genome allows us as well to select the most effective and most adapted genetic heritages, without forgetting the fact that by modifying some we can finally increase our physical as well mental abilities.

Our illustrious predecessors of the 1930s thought naively that we could transpose, for the improvement of the human race, the methods used for the optimization of dog breeds by crossings skilfully organized. Nevertheless, these failures of the “Nazism” allowed us to explore new ways and to reach the success which we celebrate today. We finally uncovered the secrets of the eternal life, the ultimate conquest of the man become finally his own god and his own master. 

We are all, us here gathered here the true Alpha and Omega of this New Order.  This new world is ours to shape as we see fit.

Obviously, as you know, the over population issue raises absolutely colossal problems of implementation. The fact stands that the planet and our environment cannot obviously support the eternal life of tens of billion human beings who would consume in the same way as today. We know all that an infinite growth, including demographics in a finite world is an intellectual aberration. 

We, NOW understand that to divide the world into two castes, that of the mortal and the immortal, would simply be impossible because in one case we suggest to live and to the others to die, so putting working and mainstream masses in a situation where they would have nothing to lose any more would be a failure of control.  

I remind to you that the main tool of the control of the masses has always been the granting of more 'things.'  It is self defeating for granting benefits which might include longer life spans for undesirables. So, the obvious solution is simple and clean...Global depopulation.  The faster that this solution is implemented the sooner that the 'New World' can begin.

 Steps to a New World Order

1) The initial objective is the massive depopulation in protecting at best the environment, which is tantamount to exclude from the fields of our possible use of any nuclear weapons which would be tantamount to inflicting some irreparable damage to our so small planet.

2) It is the triptych. First, economic collapse, then civil war and finally massive epidemics.  The use of these three tools should allow us to eventually reduce the world population from 7-10 billion inhabitants, quickly and efficiently.

3)  We think that to reach our objective of 500 million human beings, alive, who we deem worthwhile, is now within reach.  We have already begun flooding the 1st world with 3rd world 'throw-aways.'  These are mentally deficient religious fanatics who will spread disease, violence, and sow the seeds of mistrust among the populace. 

4) We will continue the immigration policy of 'FLOODING and OVERWHELMING' the 1st world nation states with waves of poor, uneducated, disease ridden people come from the Middle East into Europe and then finally America. We will allow the meteoric rise of the most radical Islam to instigate strife and contention across all vectors of the 1st world.  

5) Finally, we will bring massive and systemic economic collapse to the big three, Russia, China, and lastly America . We will foster large-scale civil wars where each community will be responsible to kill the largest number of the opposing side. All in some vain hope of capturing ever shrinking resources. We will have agents hidden in members of  each of the splinter communities guiding our plans and assuring the planned outcome.

We ultimately see without much expenditure on our part total civil strife among Blacks against whites, muslim against Christians, rich against poor, old against young, and on and on.   It will be to our immense advantage to let the unwashed masses destroy each other.  With, societal degradation in every sector, from health care, manufacturing, agriculture, energy production, transportation, it will not be difficult to bring the last hold outs among the nation states to their collapse. 

This, will be followed closely by the release of predetermined  genetically modified viruses which we currently are ready to field.  Both, the speed and virility, of said population reduction vectors will yield epidemiological, sociological data which may become useful for future culling.    

We have used the data from the previous dry run, that being the civil war between the two Ukraines, to extrapolate the disease, violence, and homicide fatality rate.   To match the success of previous manufactured civil unrest among the nation state numbers should not be an issue. 

The lack of preparation by the peoples or their governments, added to their dependence on fragile support systems will make them particularly vulnerable to the staged levels of depopulation.  

The attacks against the population should come in very rapid secession.  The massive global economic collapse will begin in China, quickly devouring the Americans as they are linked in every monetarily way imaginable. The Russian may hold out for a week or two but they will collapse under the weight of their inability to creditize their capital markets fast enough. Once the big 3 fall the rest of the world will cannibalize itself trying to maintain hemogoney. The scenario has been planned, is currently in process, and the calculated outcome has been defined as  unsurvivable at any scale. 

Global depopulation has begun and will accelerate till the plan is achieved.  Those of the Bilderberg group and by extension the Trilateral commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, have complete control of all the worlds major governments, global multinational corporations and all military branches. There is no power on earth that can stop us!  


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