Thursday, October 22, 2015

Washington Eviscerates the US Military

The US Armed Forces’ need for warriors—-men of rare talent, intellect, and courage that has always been essential for victory in any armed conflict by the US Military, have been systematically purged from the US Armed Forces by the occupant of the Oval Office.– the subtle purge has been underway for nearly 7 years. Over the same nearly 7 years, China, Russia, Iran, and the ISIS Radical Islamic Terrorists have grown in strength, modernized their military weapon systems, and have been honing their combat skills in Crimea, Ukraine, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, the Philippines, the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands, and the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.


 > Obama’s priority has been to replace warriors in front line combat units with Illegal Aliens who are not proficient in English, women, transgender individuals, felons with police records, and gay members who are being recruited into Obama’s new “Politically Correct” US military. Obama has turned the US Armed Forces into the first major openly gay military force in the world, and last year11,000 straight male members in the US Armed Forces were sexually assaulted by gays—driving the retention rate for straight males to new lows.

> The commanding officers of combat forces that once were warriors are slowly being replaced by briefcase-carrying, yes-men and yes-women, more interested in driving the Social Experiment On Diversity into the military, driving the “Political Correct” agenda requirement for promotion, howling out the strength of the US Armed Forces, and purging thousands of senior enlisted Non Commissioned Officers who opposed massive social change in the US Armed Forces. The leaders of Obama’s US Military seem to care more about their careers than about the Obama administration’s downsizing of the US military and the steady degrading of the National Security of the Republic.

> The last two Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullins and General Martin Dempsey:

> (1) Covered up why armed and ready armed aircraft sitting on the tarmac in Italy and a rapid deployment US Marine Force sitting on the tarmac in Europe were not dispatched to save the lives of the four Americans who were murdered in Benghazi by Radical Islamic Terrorists.

> (2) Forced the new & dangerous Rules of Engagement (ROE) on US Combat Forces in harm’s way, those ROE were responsible for increasing combat deaths by 458%/year, and those dangerous ROE increased the wounding & maiming of thousands of military personnel by 378%/year
> (3) They both supervised the downsizing of the US Navy to the number of ships the Navy had in its fleet before WWI, reduced the strength of the US Army to the manning level if had before WWII, and allowed the US Air Force to become a smaller and older air force than in any time since 1947


 > (4) They presided over the purge of hundreds of Senior Officers, General Officers, and Flag Officers, and the removal of thousands of senior enlisted Non Commissioned Officers who opposed Obama’s systematic hollowing out of the US Armed Forces.
> (5) They allowed Obama to drive the destructive “Social Experiment On Diversity” into the US Armed Forces resulting in the degrading of unit cohesiveness, unit moral, and the “Combat Effectiveness” of the US Armed Forces.
> (6) They systematically drove women into tip of the spear combat hardened units such as US Marine Corps Infantry Units, US Navy Seal Teams, and US Army Ranger Battalions.

> (7) For nearly 7 years, the new slate of Politically Correct Flag and General Officers promoted by Obama, failed to oppose the hollowing out of the US Armed Forces, nor did any of them threaten to resign unless the degrading of the US Armed Forces ceased.

> Over nearly 7 years, Obama has not only down sized the US Army to a lower manning level than the Army had before WWII, but he has changed the warrior leadership philosophy of the US Army, an Army that was once led by warriors like Generals Pershing, General MacArthur, General Patton, General Bradley, Army Air Force General Curtis LeMay, General Ridgeway, and Genera Schwarzkopf, to the generals that Obama promoted who passed his litmus test for “Political Correctness”.


> For 1 ½ years, Obama’s Generals have presided over the Uniform Code of Military Justice case for Bowe Bergdahl, for “Desertion and Misbehavior In The Face Of The Enemy” for leaving his post during combat operations in Afghanistan in June 2009. The case should have been adjudicated in 90 days after Bergdahl returned to the US in May 2014. It now appears, that the Article 32 Fact Finding Hearing Officer, LTC Mark Visger, USA (JAG) is recommending that Bergdahl be released with no jail time, nor that he not receive a punitive Dishonorable Discharge for the charge of “Desertion and Misbehavior In The Face Of The Enemy” .


> The Convening Authority, General Creighton W. Abrams, Jr, USA, Commander, US Forces Command, refused to allow the members in Bergdahl’s platoon to testify, even though they witnessed Bergdahl’s desertion, and excluded recorded transmission from the Taliban saying Bergdahl was joining their combat units, from being introduced as evidence into Bergdahl’s Article 32 Hearing. Bergdahl would have been executed in WWII for “Desertion and Misbehavior In The Face of The Enemy.”


> We encourage you to read the article and forward it to those in your address book who would support halting the continued hollowing out of the US Armed Forces.

Source for Article:
> Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
> Capt USN(Ret)
> Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

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jack corey said...

Paul, an Australian observer.....Firstly,I am so glad we are a good distance from the rest of the world, that is the only thing that saving us from the problems Europe and America are experiencing.But, on the other hand because of our distance, the general population of Australia, are ignorant to what is really happening in the world today. Also,there are two problems attached to this, and they are,most aussies dont want to know about this shit, they just want to enjoy life and go surfing. Plus, our government are guttless fools, protecting their own selfish nest, and so, suppress the people of Australia by way of laws that make the people keep our mouth shut in fear of retribution or law suits. Others have a big mortgage which prevents them from doing anything outside of going to work and paying the bills. Secondly, the breaking down of the family unity in Australia,thats another story, Australian men are being emasculated by our government and our women, we are decreasing in numbers, our birth rate is almost half compared to the Moslims. Immigrants are playing on our dysfunctional system, they will outnumber us in the future. Does not take a scholar to work out what will happen next. They are hungry, and will take and eat whatever they can get.Most are fat slobs. Most importantly, we dont see christians taking to arms and violence to push their belief, we certainly see that Moslim behaviour is very militant.