Monday, October 12, 2015

Lessons on Mass Shootings in America

First off, it was clear within minutes that the Oregon shooter targeted Christians.  How many people in our political system have been outraged that Christians were targeted for execution while others were either shot in the leg or not shot at all?  I have heard exactly nothing from this Administration or anyone else in political power in that regard.   I assure you had it been muslims, gays, Jews, any other protected class and we would have never heard the end of it. 

Why not?

 The Second Amendment is sacrosanct to a Free society, period.  In matters of life and death there is exactly zero room for any sort of "squishy", "touchy-feely" or "feel good emotionalism."
Let me be clear: If you resort to emotion when life or death are on the line you are going to die.

If you wish to entertain the debate here on firearms, gun control or anything of the sort then you are going to argue logic and facts.  Here they are:
  • The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  You call the police when there is an active shooter and they show up with guns.  The police do not question their feelings about what they should do, they look for a tactical solution and then they shoot the bad guy.  That's exactly what happened in Oregon.
  • We cannot have cops everywhere, all the time.  We are not only incapable of paying for it, nobody would want to live in such a world.  Even if a cop is just one minute away from anywhere in the United States (an utterly fanciful expectation even in a big city) a person with a bolt action rifle or single-shot pistol can shoot a dozen people (or more!) in that one minute.  As a result, the faster any good guy with a gun can engage the bad guy with a gun the lower the risk is of everyone in the vicinity winding up dead -- and the more good guys with guns and the closer they are to the situation the better the odds are for you and everyone else.
  • Virtually all (something like all but three) mass-shootings in the last couple of decades have taken place in "gun-free zones."  To those who want to further restrict firearms -- since there are literally over 100 million peaceful Americans that never have and never will commit a crime with a firearm, and that is an overwhelming majority of the population that owns guns. 
  •  Heres an idea, why don't we ban gun-free zones since virtually every single mass-shooting has taken place in one?  There's an obvious reason that these homicidal maniacs don't shoot up a cop shop -- everyone there is armed and will shoot back!  
  • If this Administration  -- or anyone on the left -- gave a damn about human life they would both take down the "Nobody here that obeys the law is able to defend themselves, please come and commit mass-murder here" signs.

  • You have an unalienable right to life.  The Constitution does not grant you that right because the government never possessed it in the first place and you cannot grant that which you do not first possess. The Founders understood this and we know that because they declared it to be so in the Declaration of Independence; that's why such a right is not in the Constitution, but the recognition of that GOD given right, is in the gravest extreme, purposely found in the Second Amendment.
  • You are free to decide at any time to give up.  You are not free to demand that others give up, including giving up their right to protect their own lives.  Any infringement on the Second Amendment is a declaration of your disrespect for someone else's life and an indirect assault upon same. 
  •  The Government, this Administration, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Police, NO ONE!!! Has any RIGHT to demand that I, in any situation that I find myself, be debarred the ability to effectively fight back. Not only, to save my life, but the innocent lives of those around me.
  • right cannot be conditioned upon a permit.  By definition a permit or license gives you the ability to do something otherwise prohibited.  I have  the GOD given right to defend my own life I need no permit to do so. 
  • For the above reasons people at large have the right to own, possess and carry upon their person arms suitable for defensive use without any damn permits.  Period.
One last thought...

There are reports that the shooter reloaded during his rampage.  If these reports are true and he was in the room with a bunch of people who were about to become deceased then you need to hear this loud and clear...

Stop being a VICTIM!!! Stand up for yourself!!! Your Life is your OWN responsibility!!! Don't wait for someone else to save you!!!

The instant that jackass dropped his magazine and thus announced he was out at the close range that exists in a classroom (30-50' or so maximum, right?) there was absolutely no reason on God's Green Earth why the people there should not have immediately grabbed something (e.g. a chair!) and threw it at him and/or bum-rushed the shooter.
He was empty and thus at that point he was a thug with a club until he could reload.

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