Thursday, October 01, 2015

GOD Bless the Oregon Students Who Died on 10-1-2015

Rahm Emanuel is quoted as saying “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste...

Make no mistake The current Administration will gleefully stand on the bodies of dead students and make political speeches.   All, so the current administration can deprive honest, hard working, tax paying, Americans their right to keep and bare arms. 

Make no mistake, depriving law abiding citizens the ability to protect their families, will NOT stop evil people from doing evil things. 

There are already over 20,000 gun laws on the books in the United States.  Murder is also illegal, yet the EVIL man who murdered innocent people today did not care.   EVIL people are by definition amoral, uncaring, and devious. Passing yet another gun law would not stop a mad man bent on death and destruction.  The guns are not the problem.  It is not the gun  who decided to wake up today and kill people.  It is an EVIL man who was self centered and bent on causing other pain and suffering.  
If we are going to blame guns, why don't we blame the car the EVIL man used to drive to the school?  Why don't we blame the road on which the EVIL man drove to get to the school?  Why don't we blame the EVIL man's parents for giving birth to him? 

Instead of doing that stupidity why don't we lay the blame where it belongs?  At the feet of the EVIL man who made up his mind to kill. He was EVIL and now he is no longer breathing air.  He was, to quote the police at the scene..."Neutralized."

We have become a a nation of..."It's nobody's fault."  No matter how many people  an EVIL person kills or maims, it's NEVER EVER their fault. It's always..."Oh, they had a bad childhood, they were picked on in school, their parents divorced, it was the medication they were taking, and on and on and on...."
Maybe it time we stopped molly-coddling every EVIL killer and start placing the blame squarely where it fits. At the feet of the EVIL killer.   No more passing the blame on everything but the EVIL killer.  Hold the EVIL killer responsible.  IF he, the EVIL killer did the crime, if HE the EVIL killer slaughtered innocent people, then take him out back and blow his head off.  

No, fan fare, no drawn out 20 year process. No sitting on death row watching cable TV for 15 years with 30 to 40 appeals to go through.   Take him in the back by the wood pile and blow his head off.  Simple, clean and very efficient. 
There is EVIL in this world, PERIOD.  

There are EVIL, mentally deformed, worthless scum in this world.  

There are EVIL unrepentant, unreformable, psychopaths in this world.

There are EVIL people who MUST be removed from the earth so that normal, healthy, happy, people can live unmolested by their EVIL insanity.  

The WW2 generation knew their truth...NAZI'S are EVIL and they MUST be removed from the face of the planet.  They understood this and did their job by removing this nightmare once and for all time. 
Unfortunately, Americans have forgotten the fact that EVIL exists and when found MUST be exterminated with extreme prejudice. 


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