Saturday, July 04, 2015

Political Theater

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s response to the Charleston massacre, highlighted by her call to remove the Confederate flag from statehouse grounds, has thrust her back into the national spotlight and re-ignited talk about what role she might play in the 2016 race. 

WOW! That's amazing a Mass shooting by an ANGRY white person just before the Presidential elections.  GEE WIZZ what are the odd...?

Not only is she poised to be a powerful surrogate, but already there's chatter she could make a solid running mate for one of the 16 expected Republican presidential candidates. 

"She’d be on anybody’s list,” former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told Fox News on Tuesday. “She’s done a terrific job in South Carolina.”Haley has been a high-profile Republican since she won the governorship as part of the 2010 Tea Party wave. 

But her call to remove the Confederate battle flag after a white gunman fatally shot nine black victims June 17 inside an historic African-American church in Charleston, S.C., saw her play a national leadership role in the party as prominent GOP figures joined her. 

GEE GOLLY! A female, white, Republican who might be able to draw minority voters into the Republican party right before a coming Presidential election.  Boy, that sure is lucky for the Republicans.  What are the odds...?
The Republican National Committee, South Carolina's U.S. senators and several 2016 GOP candidates also called for the flag's removal -- despite many Southerners’ belief that the flag is part of their heritage, not a symbol of white supremacy. 
Haley, an Indian-American and the state’s first female governor, insists her call to remove the flag was deeply personal and beyond politics, repeatedly telling reporters she couldn’t “look her children in the face” while allowing the flag to fly. 

BE STILL MY BEATING HEART...I feel a tear forming... She ACTUALLY couldn't look at her children. Notice, how though she goes by WHITE they mention that she is an AMERICAN INDIAN.  

In a presidential campaign season, the political implications are unavoidable. 

Sure is a lucky thing that an angry WHITE man killed a bunch of minorities in a Church where Michelle obama has friends AND there is a WHITE (American Indian, if it will get the votes)  FEMALE, REPUBLICAN who might be electable in the coming Presidential election.  What are the odds in that...? 
Juleanne Glover, who has worked on Republican presidential campaigns for Arizona Sen. John McCain and Steve Forbes and is now a senior adviser for the international firm Teneo Strategy, agrees that Haley could be a top vice presidential pick.

But she also argues Haley could play a far bigger role in the White House race that would begin much earlier than when candidates pick a running mate in summer 2016.

OMG!!! What a wind fall for the Republican's who have been struggling with bringing the minority vote that a crazy WHITE man shot up a black church in a state with a WHITE (American Indian, if it will get the votes)  FEMALE, REPUBLICAN who just can't bare the thought of pandering to whites any longer.
Glover suggested Tuesday that Haley’s backing and physical presence at campaign stops across early-voting South Carolina could make or break a candidate’s White House bid.

Sure is lucky that the REPUBLICANS had this wind fall. Now, the  REPUBLICAN PARTY can stop looking so old and white and attract minority voters using a WHITE (American Indian, if it will get the votes)  FEMALE, REPUBLICAN who just can't face her children.  I think I feel another tear forming...

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