Friday, July 03, 2015

ISIS an American Creation

ISIS is entirely a creation of the United States’ behavior in Iraq. When the U.S. first invaded Iraq, it blew the country apart. By destroying the existing government, toppling Saddam Hussein, and destroying the infrastructure, the U.S. left behind a power vacuum that would never have existed under Hussein. The impact caused by the actions of the United States is a historical fact that media just won’t discuss. 

This has to do with U.S. action in the region, which destroyed the infrastructure, which destroyed Iraq society, which destroyed the Iraqi government, while there were a lot of people who weren’t “as happy as larks” while living under Saddam Hussein, they also weren’t at odds with Hussein in the same way they were with the government established by the U.S. The militant group ISIS was formed as a small insurgent group in Iraq in 2006. While they tried to create problems for the U.S. military, they had no money and no real ability to recruit.

 It wasn’t until 2009 that ISIS shifted its focus from Iraq, where it was largely unsuccessful in developing a foothold, and focused on the civil war in Syria. While in Syria, ISIS still struggled to gain a foothold. This is attributed to the fact that two larger groups fighting against President Bashar al-Assad were overpowering them: al-Nusra Front – or al-Qaeda – and the Free Syrian Army. 

Then, came a pivotal moment that most Americans aren’t even aware of. In June 2013, a Northern General for the Free Syrian Army spoke out on Al Jazeera Qatar and stated that if international forces did not send weapons, the rebels attempting to overthrow Syrian president Bashar al-Assad would lose their war within a month. The U.S. was covertly funding Syrian rebels. 
Although Obama acted as if he was proceeding with caution, politicians such as Senator John McCain demanded action. Within a matter of weeks of the Syrian general making his plea for international help, the U.S., the Saudis, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and Israel began providing weapons, training and money to so-called rebel groups like the Free Syrian Army. In September 2013, American media outlets began reporting that weapons were being given to Syrian rebels. CNN reported that while the weapons are not “American-made,” they were “funded and organized by the CIA.” 

However, things began to fall apart when less than one year after the U.S. supplied Syrian “freedom fighters” with weapons, those weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS fighters. Those ISIS fighters came from the group McCain insisted would help the U.S. overthrow Assad: the Free Syrian Army. The army was not only sending the Islamic State weapons, it was also sending them fighters. It wasn’t until June 2014 that ISIS went from being a “no-name group in Syria” to a group that was “heavily armed and trained by U.S. and Coalition Special Forces.” 
This revitalized group made a dramatic entrance by crossing back over the Syrian border into Iraq and capturing Mosul and much of the northern part of the country. One of the most important facts that mainstream media ignores time and time again is that ISIS was able to grow so fast, because of all the U.S. military equipment they were able to seize – equipment that the US military left in Iraq. 
Truckloads of Humvees, tanks and weaponry that instead of taking or destroying, the U.S. government simply decided to leave behind. However, even when the U.S. government became aware that ISIS fighters were capturing U.S. equipment, it did nothing. 
The lack of action attributed to the fact that ISIS fighters were taking the equipment back into Syria to continue fighting Assad, which was what the U.S. government wanted. How is it that the United States, with all of its intelligence capabilities, didn’t know this threat was coming? How many billions did the US spend, maybe a hundred billion on total intelligence community budge over the year? How did they have no idea?” 
The U.S. did know who ISIS was, but the so-called Islamic State was doing what the Obama administration wanted. The ISIS fighters continued to do what the Obama administration wanted, and in late summer 2014, they were labeled the new boogeyman in the war on terror. Over the past few months, the U.S. government, who acted like they had never even heard of ISIS, suddenly, with the help of media has turned the Islamic State into the new focus of the war on terror. Now, as ISIS has continued its rise, recruitment is exploding and the group is becoming stunningly wealthy.

ISIS makes $2 million a day off of selling oil, and the United States’ response, of “undercutting the competition” by blowing up oil fields makes no sense. Why is the U.S., which is known for sanctioning anything that moves, when it’s angry, is not placing sanctions on the banks or the oil companies that are involved? 

 In addition to those questions, Americans should also be asking, Why is the U.S. sending $500 million to the Free Syrian Army to fight ISIS when the FSA is one of the biggest suppliers of fighters and weapons to ISIS? and Why is the US sending new and more powerful weapons to the FSA like anti-aircraft missiles – weapons that we know will be in the hands of ISIS? 

The mainstream media will say that ISIS is the “creation of American inaction,” the reality is that they are the “product of direct action.” This direct action started with “the action of creating a power vacuum in Iraq” and manifested into the “arming violent Jihadist, hoping they would overthrow a leader in a neighboring Middle Eastern country.”

 The U.S. government is a victim of its own insane policies, due to the fact that it is very good at blowing things up, but really bad at putting them back together. 

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