Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The All Out Assault Against Heterosexual Men

The all assault against contact sport playing, walking tall, red meat eating, fast driving, upright, honest, no backing down, Cowboy hat wearing, bass playing, whiskey drinking, woman chasing, freedom loving, 2 barrel shotgun blasting, base stealing, hockey fighting, backseat of a mustang love making, tire burning, wheels screaming, tank driving, MLRS loading, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force volunteering, tobacco spiting, beer pong champion, Texas Hold'em million dollar pot betting, strip poker playing, bull fighting, home run hitting, bare knuckle boxing, MMA fighting, PHAT Ass loving, leg man, breast man, all around ladies man, God's gift to women, truck driving, heavy equipment operating, long shore loading, deep sea fishing, cave diving, paratrooper wing wearing, Navy Seal killing, Infantry stomping, 9-5 working, weekend loving, red blood American Males ends HERE...! 

Screw the Hollywood elite, the globalists, and the far left sissies. No normal person looks at the debacle of a 65 year old man stuffing bags of silicone in his chest and wearing a dress as normal. Putting a dress and wig on does NOT make you a woman. Bruce Jenner is a disgrace to himself and to his family. His own son was horrified by Bruce's mutilation of himself.  No surprise that the far left liberal obama just thinks the world of Bruce. 
Literally takes my breath away So much respect for our military men and
In no way is Bruce being brave, the US Marines at Iwo Jima were brave.  The men and women of law enforcement, the fire department who risk their lives everyday are brave.  Bruce is nothing but the far left's puppet. The rabid, man hating, liberals want to emasculate all men.  The homosexual agenda goes hand in glove with the insanity of Bruce and his self mutilation.   After all, weak, confused, feminized, homosexual men are much easier to control and manipulate.    
The thing the globalist, New World Order far left liberals fear most are strong willed, intelligent, well educated, physically capable men.  That's because it is strong men who stood up to the British and created this great country.  It was red blooded American men who were unyielding in the face of overwhelming Japanese Naval strength during the eraly part of WWII. It was the same men who turned back the tide of Nazi Fascism    It was capable American men who fought their way into Baghdad in M1 Abraham tanks to defeat a murderous dictator.  

Bruce Jenner is just another symptom of the rot which is eating away at this nation.  Bruce Jenner is a self centered, egotistical, absent farther. Those are the very words of his own children.  Bruce goes on to say how because of his new wig and finger nails he has the bravery to flaunt the fact he wanted to have his oldest daughter aborted.  Wow, must have taken a lot of bravery to want to run away from his responsibilities as a man and as a father. 

Bruce Jenner can chop off his dick, shave his Adams apple, and have plastic surgery till he runs out of skin or cartilage, think Michael Jackson. However, this will not change the thing he is trying to run away from most.  No matter how many wigs he puts on, no matter how many tubs of make-up he slathers on his wrinkled face, he's still Bruce Jenner.  

The fact that he has gone this far with this insanity is simply a testament to the level of dislike he has for himself.  What Bruce needs is someone to sit him down and speak the truth to him.  Bruce needs GOD in his life and the sad part is...

Bruce has enough money and enough sycophants around him to make sure that will never EVER happen.   I will pray for Bruce and our country and I hope you will too.  

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