Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Real Bravery Real Men


Specialist Jacob William Moore, 21, stares into the distance as he clutches the hand of a seriously wounded comrade on board a medevac air ambulance racing towards Kandahar Air Field in southern Afghanistan. Spc Moore was part of a stretcher team carrying a wounded man to safety when they hit a second explosive device, buried in their path. 

The men, from the 2-502 Infantry’s Attack Company were operating in Nalgham, in Zhari district. Two Americans and one Afghan soldier were killed in the attacks, four others, including Spc Moore, were wounded.
The troops are part of the 101st Airborne Division – known as the screaming eagles – were sent to Afghanistan.

This is Bravery, this is men doing the impossible, while facing the unthinkable.  


This macabre caricature of a man is the antithetical opposite of brave. 


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