Sunday, May 31, 2015

The End of the Free World Begins with a Christian Holocaust

In order for the 'New World Order to come about the Globalist need to accomplish the destruction of the Family.  The bedrock of the Family is heterosexual Marriage. Which, defined is 'One man and one woman' joined by GOD.   The creator created this so that normally this union brings forth life and a stable environment for the husband, wife to raise the offspring.  

The Globalists who desire a New World Order are taking examples from Stalin's red handbook handbook on Communism.  In the Soviet Union the State was GOD. Any social function that stood in the way of the Soviet state becoming GOD was eradicated and exterminated.   Religion, family, morality were all casualties of the new Soviet state.  First the churches were shut down, then any Russians who would not give up their faith were ostracized socially, economically. 

Next, Soviet youth had to be indoctrinated politically. Communist authorities took many brutal routes to achieve this goal. Primarily, the Communist Party fostered a cult of childhood, much like Stalin’s cult of personality, which idealized Soviet childhood. The Communist Party formalized this cult through youth organizations such as the Komsomol, Young Pioneers, and Little Octobrists. Much as Lenin did in his 1920 speech to the Komsomol, this cult relied on a juxtaposition between “true” Communist children.  The Communist Party isolated children from their parents influence. Then, through harsh conditioning, lack of sleep, food, and oppressive manual labor the Soviets were able to create a radicalized Communists youth whose only loyalty lay with the Soviet state.   

 In 2015 you are seeing this all over again,except it is being down with a far more efficient capitalist twist.  The globalist are in the process of destroying the family by means of the homosexual agenda.  Political strategists, psychologists, pollsters, organizing experts, and various “think tank” types are being utilized to give the illusion that the people support gay marriage.   They, those who support the New World Order, meticulously study the data and elections and have designed a new set of strategies and tactics to win against their “right wing” adversaries.
The recent gay marriage election in Ireland was just such an assault on the family structure.  The Globalists created a sophisticated propaganda campaign. They shipped thousands of activists into key voting areas to canvass door to door. In order to soften the average people toward homosexuality and create an animus against traditional religious values, they resurrected many of the “big lie” techniques used by the 20th century totalitarian movements. 

For example, people were told over and over that not allowing “gay marriage” was bad for the economy and that only backward, ignorant, and superstitious hateful, Christians were against it. Homosexuality was said to be the next phase of the Civil Rights movement. A key talking point was that by supporting “gay marriage” you are “on the right side of history”  a Nazi concept used by Hitler to justify the slaughter of millions of Jews. 

Anyone who opposed gay marriage was labeled as bigots, homophobic, hateful, non-inclusive, barbaric, trapped in the past. All of these derogatory adjectives were always attached to either Christians or the Catholic Church.  What is interesting is that neither Islam nor Judaism were mentioned in these vicious attacks, only Christians.  Yet, both Islam and Judaism are both opposed to homosexuality.   Christians are being single out in these attacks by the far left because the real battle has nothing to do with homosexuality.  The real battle is the dissolution of the family, the nation state, and finally humanity itself.  
The far left found that it's life blood in these attacks centered on fundraising. After all to the far left money is their god.   In previous elections the Globalists had only raised about the same amount (or less) than the pro-family side.  Now, however they went after the “gay” money men for staggering sums of cash.

The Globalist homosexual agenda was salivating in it's desire to get a country with a thousand-year Catholic culture to accept “gay marriage” through a nationwide vote.
 Make note of the fact that the Globalists went after the seemingly MOST CATHOLIC COUNTRY in the world.

The gay marriage campaign was lengthy, dirty, and very intense, add to that, the most expensive campaign yet,   The Irish nationwide propaganda was unrelenting.  The Globalists used intensive psychological manipulation techniques to pound the entire country into submission.  The average Irish citizen could hardly with stand the constant badgering by radio, television, and internet.  The ATTACK-arguments were neither rational nor truthful, as with all faulty arguments it was purely emotional.
The Irish were beaten over the head with... those opposed to “gay marriage”:

  • Are opposed to democracy
  • Will damage lives
  • Are against human rights
  • Will hurt Ireland’s international reputation
  • Will hurt Ireland’s economy
  • Are in favor of discrimination
  • Are against love
  • Are hateful and bigoted
  • Are stupid and backwards
This all had a horrible effect on those who saw marriage as 'One man and One woman.'  The Irish who believed in Heterosexual marriage were “backward, superstitious, hatemongers and were considered inferior humans by gay marriage supporters.  Many Irish literally lose his jobs because they would not cave into the far left attacks.   
A particularly nasty venom was directed at religious believers and most especially the Catholic Church. Many Catholics became frightened and confused because the Irish Bishops and the Catholic Church refused to stand up to these vicious attacks.   When the far left saw that the Catholic Church was too afraid to fight for it's beliefs; the homosexual lobby became emboldened and more hateful.

Now, because the Catholic Church would not stand against the gay marriage heresy the far left homosexual lobby has in their trophy case the victory of homosexuality against the worlds most Catholic country. 

For evil to flourish, it requires ONLY that good men to do nothing...

Simon Wiesenthal

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