Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baltimore THUGS Tried To Light This Pizza Shop Owner on Fire

The THUGS, Criminals, and scum of Baltimore took out their anger not just on the police but on everyday hardworking citizens and business owners.  These  are the same business owners who give jobs to the people of Baltimore and well as provide services to the community.  These are the same business owners who pay property taxes which keep the infrastructure of Baltimore functioning.   Essam el Ghannam, an immigrant, the owner of a pizza shop, which was torched by the Baltimore rioters on Monday.

  When Essam asked the police for help he was told to run and hide.  Essam asked what about his car? The police responded that he would just have to let it burn.  How many people in America in today's economy can just 'Let their car burn'?  Not willing to give up his family sole means of transportation he grabed his young daughter and made for his family's car. Leaving his business for the rioters and thugs to burn.  
 On the way to his car a 14 year old African-American female squirted lighter fluid on him and his car. Other African-American males began throwing matches at Essa, his daughter and their car. 

Now, the liberal, left-wing media want to take American's to task for calling these low life, criminals...'THUGS.'  Those in Washington who want to spin this a racial issue and use the Baltimore riots as a means to foster even more decisiveness have the audacity to take offense at the word 'THUGS.'  
Why doesn't someone in the media take offense at the fact a 14 year old African-American female and other African-American males were attempting to burn a man and his young daughter alive.   All for the offense of owning a business in Baltimore. The only thing that can be taken from this is that Washington is pushing a narrative of Nobel Savages against a brutal corrupt city police force.  

That might actually work if it wasn't for the fact Baltimore is 72% black, run by a Black Mayor, and a Black police chief, and a 80% Black city Council.  Those facts are a problem for Washington and the liberal, left-wing media.  Because, they can run the old tired race card , but it won't find any traction in this case.


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