Monday, March 02, 2015

If Sam's Lips are moving He's lying


 Sam Singer’s public relations firm blatantly twisted the truth allegedly about a Chevron oil refinery disaster in California and fought back a legal ruling in Ecuador that could have awarded billions of dollars to indigenous people for the company’s allegedly hideous pollution damage to the Amazon. Sam should be proud of himself he's robbed the good people of Ecuador from there GOD given right to health and well being. 
  The PR firm’s employees include former reporters, former political staffers as well as former political and legal strategists. The SF Weekly profiled Singer’s abilities in August 2014, with a focus on his firm’s three-decade relationship with oil giant Chevron.

Singer Associates clients include the San Francisco Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle. Both newspapers have been highly critical of the San Francisco archdiocese’s Catholic schools.

Now he’s been hired to do a 'HIT JOB', and open and sleazy attack on San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone.

The San Francisco-based Singer Associates, Inc., in its biography of Singer, said that the firm’s founder has been described as “one of the most powerful people in the San Francisco Bay Area” for “his ability to shift, bend, and distort media sound bites for his clients.”
Singer told the newspaper SF Weekly that “concerned parents" are paying for his services in their dispute with Archbishop Cordileone.

 Yeah, "concerned parents" that translates to (left leaning, homosexual advocates). That is called controlled opposition. 

This is an OPEN ASSAULT on Christianity! 

This man singer has been hired by evil people to attack the Catholic Church and all those who believe that what is written in the BIBLE is the inspired word of GOD.  
The Archdiocese of San Francisco on Feb. 3 announced that explanations of Catholic teaching would be added to the faculty and staff handbooks for its four high schools. It also proposed new morals clauses for teacher contracts that would define teachers as having a ministerial role. The archdiocese said the changes to the handbook and teacher contract did not contain anything new but were intended to “clarify existing expectations that Catholic teachers in their professional and public lives uphold Catholic teaching.”

Archbishop Cordileone said the changes focused on sexual morality and religious practice because confusion is prevalent about the Church’s stance on these issues.

San Fransico, being the home of rampant homosexuality, greeted
Archbishop Cordileone, who is standing for all Christians everywhere, with paid protesters and per-planned opposition.
About 100 people, including some Catholic high school teachers, students, and students’ parents, gathered outside San Francisco’s St. Mary’s Cathedral on Ash Wednesday to protest.

My question is..."Why would Christian believing, BIBLE confessing Catholics be protesting Archbishop Cordileone in his fight to declare the tents of the Christian faith? 
The obvious answer is that these 'supposed' Christians' are Christian in name ONLY!

Several activist groups like the Human Rights Campaign, Faithful America and the Equally Blessed Coalition have attacked Archbishop Cordileon. 

I'm just curious..."Where are these groups when it comes to Islam? After all Islam beheads homosexuals. Islam forces women into burkas and has religious police. Where is the militant homosesxual lobby fighting the good fight against Islam? 

I'll tell you..."the militant homosexual lobby would NEVER ever go after islam because islam is a lie from the pit of hell, just as is the homosexual agenda."  

The reason these militant homosexual lobby is going after Catholics is because Christianity is the True Faith. Those who are hiding in darkness detest the light. This is why Singer and his filth are going after Archbishop Cordileone. Because, Archbishop Cordileone is shinning the Divine Light of truth in San Fransisco, which has been come a den of sodomy.   
Even the left leaning SF Weekly claimed that the Ash Wednesday protest “bore the signature slickness of a Singer campaign.” The newspaper grudgingly even noted the widespread news coverage it received.

Singer said he hopes the archbishop sees that the standards he is asking of teachers are something that doesn’t “keep with Catholic values.” Singer characterized the standards as “a loyalty oath.”

Since, when is it against the law to have a morality clause in a employee agreement.  Most US companies have a morality clause in their contracts which say..."If any employee denigrates someone because of their sexual identity (HOMOSEXUAL, TRANSGENDER?LESBIAN) then that person can NOT work at that US company. 

Why is it OK to protect homosexuals but it's somehow wrong to expect an employee of the Catholic Church to act in a moral manner? 


Thankfully,  Archbishop Cordileone has withstood the media controversy and threats from state and city legislators. He suggested replacing proposed contractual description of teachers as ministers with wording about the teaching ministry.
Since mid-February, Singer’s social media accounts have sent out many news stories highly critical of the archdiocese. Singer's tweets build a narrative that appears to focus on publicizing both opposition to the archbishop and the admitted mistakes of some local Catholic leaders.

Singer’s has the audacity to actually claim that everyone was praying for Pope Francis to remove Archbishop Cordileone. 

Who the hell does Singer think he is to speak for EVERYONE? Singer only speaks for those who can afford his services.

Singer also sought to capitalize on controversy from Father Illo’s decision to have male-only altar servers at his church, claiming that the “fight continues” for altar girls. He tweeted a quote from Father Illo defending the practice of male-only servers. 

Again, a two thousand year old Catholic tradition should fall because the homosexual lobby doesn't like it? Are you kidding me.    
Singer’s Twitter account repeated a San Francisco Chronicle columnist’s attack, saying:  “Don’t let S.F. Archbishop's charm fool you: his message of exclusion and hate.” 

Please, I beg you to open you eyes! 

Did you see what Singer did by saying
Archbishop Cordileone message, a CATHOLIC message, is...a message of exclusion and hate."

This is open warfare on CHRISTIANITY! 

The homosexual lobby is calling the tenets of the Catholic faith, the very essence of Christianity,
exclusion and hate. 

If you believe in the BIBLE you must stand up, speak up, and act out against this type of obvious attacks against the Christian faith.  

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