Sunday, January 18, 2015

Don't TRUST the Mainstream Media

“I wasn’t going to send this email to FYM, but, the feeding frenzy on Bill Cosby’s character made my response necessary. In 1982, I had a photographer named Choice. Choice was contacted by a casting agent, I was told to meet the client at the Ritz Carlton for lunch in New York in the summer of 82’. This client wanted to talk to me about a film project. I arrived at the Ritz Carlton at 11:30 AM. Two male clients arrived; a Caucasian male (late 30s) and an Asian male (early 50s). They indicated that I’d be perfect for a film project.

I was told the project paid $5000 cash. I thought that was strange, who pays $5000 cash for a modeling job? The job was to meet Bill Cosby and to try to seduce him; it would be apart of the script. I was confused by this job request? They told me I would be recording the session to see if I was successful and believable? 

My response to them… I would like to meet Mr. Cosby first and discuss the script. They said no, it wasn’t necessary to meet him. They said it was a spontaneous casting call? I have never in my life heard of a spontaneous casting call.

As a legitimate model this seemed strange and unethical. I immediately turned down the job. The Asian man continued speaking and offered me $10,000 cash upfront and $5000 upon delivery of some seductive photos and some of his sperm. Sperm?
(I was in shock when they said sperm?) I then realized that these two men had unethical intentions. I excused myself, went to the bathroom, and then I left the hotel and went home. 

 Now, as a model in New York, I’ve been offered drugs, trips around the world, films, videos, money from rich men, casting couch and the list is endless.

As a naive model you’re offered many compromising projects, but, this blew my mind. I was offered $15,000 to seduce and destroy Bill Cosby. Why else would they need suggestive photos and sperm? I also realized that America has a history of oppressing, killing and destroying successful and poor people of color.

I wasn’t going to send this letter to FYM, but, the media lynching of one of our global icons (Bill Cosby), is simply
other news outlets blatantly misconstrue and lied about old dismissed allegations of Bill Cosby. I’m shocked by the lack of integrity of our major news media. Why would CNN, ABC, CBS, AP and the like lie about 30 year old untrue news? 

Nightline simply cut, deleted and distorted the Cosby interview– making him appear guilty. What has happened to the integrity of our nation?

I was offered $15,000 cash to discredit and ruin Bill Cosby’s good name. I’m 100% convinced that all the women coming forward have been paid off to discredit Bill Cosby as well. Why? He is simply too powerful, his intentions is to empower people of color and his net worth would anger any weak man.  

If you remember it was durinh his time as the top TV talent that Bill cosby tried to buy NBC....


From The New York times: 

Bill Cosby, NBC's biggest star of the 80's, is trying to buy the television network from its current owner, the General Electric Company. 

Norman Brokaw, the chief executive of the William Morris Agency and Mr. Cosby's personal agent for 30 years, confirmed yesterday that he had discussed Mr. Cosby's intention to make an offer for NBC with Robert C. Wright, the network's president.

Mr. Brokaw said he flew into New York last week expressly to meet with Mr. Wright. "I told him Bill is definitely interested in buying NBC, and Mr. Wright eventually said that NBC is not for sale." 

For more than two years, NBC has been the subject of continuing rumors that it is for sale, especially since its ratings have gone into a steep decline. 

Mr. Brokaw said he and Mr. Cosby had decided "to fully pursue a deal" for NBC. He added that Mr. Cosby had met with his lawyer, Herbert H. Chaice, to discuss the details of the possible purchase.

Mr. Chaice, of the Manhattan firm of Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler, said he had talked with investment houses about Mr. Cosby's becoming what he called "one of a number of principals" in such a purchase. "It's not likely that Bill will do the whole thing, nor would I consider it prudent that he try to," Mr. Chaice said.

Mr. Brokaw said Mr. Cosby had held preliminary talks with "a couple of individuals" on being partners in an NBC takeover.

Neither Mr. Brokaw nor Mr. Chaice disclosed how much Mr. Cosby might be willing to pay for NBC. 

But analysts said the asking price for NBC was likely to be about $4 billion. General Electric paid $6.5 billion when it acquired the network's parent company, the RCA Corporation, in 1986. General Electric has since sold off RCA's electronics divisions and acquired several other television properties, including the cable channel CNBC. 

It was also during this time that Bill Cosby's son was mysteriously murdered on the side of the road. Was his son's murder a message to remind Bill Cosby that TPTB don't like him meddling in their business affairs? 

I personally find it ODD that it took 30 years for this info to surface.  The other question is why now?  Why not while he was at the top of the TV networks?  There would have been a greater financial pay day if the accursers wished to bring a civil case against Bill Cosby.  Why wait till their is nothing to be gained from this information other then the character assassination of Bill Cosby's image? 

To be certain, Bill Cosby is one of the few Black men in America who speak openly and honestly.  He often speaks about the real reason Blacks are 2nd class citizens here in America.  It's not because the white man is holding them down, but because Blacks have bought into the whole baby mama's, absent fathers, and welfare queens ruling the black family formula.  

TPTB don't want an honest, hard working, Black man speaking the truth and disrupting their plans to keep the Black community enslaved vis a vie the Welfare-Free government money system.

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