Monday, December 01, 2014

Sandy Hook False Flag Gun Grab

Make no mistake, Sandy Hook was a false flag operation by TPTB who wish to disarm the American public. TPTB know that an unarmed public is far more preferable then an awake, aware citizenry.  Those who hide like parasite in the hall of power in Washington D.C. understand the fact that there are a few thousand of them and over 300 million of us.  This is why they have ZERO problems with lies, deceptions, and false flag events. 

This particular false flag event worked in Australia. A school shooting followed by nation wide gun confiscation. It has worked in England where the only people who have a means to defend their families are the police and the criminals. 

What is currently occurring in Ferguson over one dead THUG could happen any where in the United States.  If you are watching the events in Ferguson you can clearly see the police NOT responding to small business owners whose stores are being robbed and burned to the ground.  

The police are NOT there to protect you or your families.  The police are code enforcers for the corporation of the city or state.  The safety and well being of you and your family falls squarely on your shoulders. If you think giving up your 2nd Amendment rights will somehow magically make the whole world safer, then I ask you to please do one thing before you jump on the anti-gun band wagon. 

Ask the jews who survived the Holocaust if they were safer after they surrendered their fire arms to Hitler and the Gestapo.  Ask the Jews how safe they felt in the middle of the nite when the Gestapo came banging on their doors. Ask the Jews, who now had no way to defend themselves, how safe they felt, as they were herded like animals in stock cars to the concentration camps.  

Sandy Hook was just one of many False Flags with more to come. Those in power don't want to share power, they want it all. They now have you in chains, the invisible kind, it's called bureaucracy.  They have passed so many laws and so convoluted their understanding, meaning, and wording that the law will say what ever it is they desire.  

You now live in the time of the devolution of Democracy. The Republic stands now, but in name only.  Make no mistake corporate Fascism is the fastest way to the Tyranny of the few over the suffering of the many.

 Soon, those that make all the rules the ones which you will be forced at gun point to live by, will be the same rules from which THEY will be exempt.  They will be allowed to be armed, but you will not.  They will be allowed to speak through their TOTAL control of the media in all it's forms.  

You will have no say, no voice, they may even erase you from their databases making you an UN-person.  Those with no papers did not last long in Hitlers Germany.  How much so is this true today? 

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