Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Barbarians at the Gates

I'm born and raised in Los Angeles, 40 years old. Went to public schools here in the LAUSD system.

When I was younger growing up here Illegal Immigration was nowhere near this. As a kid a "Mexican" or Honduran or Salvadoran was sort of a rare sight. A few neighborhoods were, but overall it was Whites, Blacks, Asians...for the most.

Around the 90s when I was in high school the waves starting coming after Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Nafta, etc. Since then it has been a steady increase every year on almost every ethnicity, but specifically Hispanics. Within the past 10 years I just resigned to the fact that California and Los Angeles will be taken over, and that it can't be stopped with our current politicians here.

I've accepted it because it can't be fought. I go around town to many places and I am, as a White man, a stranger here. That is how it is. When you are White here you are a minority. It's not the minority part I mind, it's that we as a country and California as a State are being bombarded at a level that is unseen and unreported in history. It's WORSE than thought and I am seeing it full steam now.

Last week I had a medical emergency because I ate a toxin and got severe hives. I was nowhere near a good ER room so I had to be L.A. County hospital. I was there in the daytime and parking was almost impossible to find, as I went myself. I got into the ER and the TV's I noticed were tuned to Spanish stations. But it didn't end there. I was guided to the triage nurse who could barely speak English and had to point to a sign on the wall in English for me to understand "Heart Rate". 

She was making errors from the get go.
Flash to me talking to a medical billing person who handed me a slip of paper written in Spanish, with a short pencil. While waiting for the second nurse I looked around at all the people. All Hispanic. Maybe one "other than" there, a black dude. NOBODY in the waiting room spoke English. Nobody. 

The nurses who were seeing other people had to call in interpreters regularly as not all of them spoke Spanish. The look on their faces was pure frustration. In fact they seemed to be relieved I spoke English.

When I was on my way out and ready to pick up my pills, I saw the billing agent coming in and asking questions to about half of the other "outgoing" patients about personal things that they all had trouble answering. They all spoke Spanish to an interpreter and were writing down numbers on pieces of papers. I speak enough Spanish to get by and I knew they were having trouble with payments because they were NOT citizens. Either that or they had emergency Medical (which Illegals qualify for) 


These were NOT Americans that just spoke bad English. When you grow up in Los Angeles you know what the deal is when someone is older than 30 and can't speak a LICK of English.

I went down to the pharmacy which is in a huge lobby area where you can overlook hundreds of people in lines. I looked and noticed there was only maybe 2 "other than Hispanic" people out of I would say 200 people. I went down to get in line and overhead the conversations. A lot were ABOUT legality and "home" and "insurance" and "can I do this". 

It was surreal, days later I had another referral appointment in Olive View Hospital. It was the SAME exact experience.

I have no clue what's going on but the media is ignoring or are not aware of something huge and I think fraudulent. If anyone would have seen what I saw, my words can't even describe it. It was like being in another country and witnessing a whole underground economy.

I didn't know it was this bad. I suspected things were bad but all the way into our Medical system this deep? Possibly involving Medical/Medicaid numbers and other things. We have been invaded by something much larger than reported. I won't even get into the other makeups of Illegals here like the Koreans, Armenians, Filipinos, Etc. This experience was enough to know that something dark is going on here in California and I am afraid it's just going to get worse.

I don't know how an economy can survive like this. And with the latest actions on Illegal Immigration I think now is the final tipping point. As an L.A. Native born and raised, I barely recognize this city, this State. 

Written by BatheInTheFountain http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1044766/pg1

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