Sunday, November 09, 2014

You Are Not Free

Who has all the power in the world? The People? The elected representatives of the People? Or is it the banks, corporations, bond markets, dynastic families, hereditary monarchs and the super rich?


The flow of money is the flow of power. Dollars are the amoral units of power and are overwhelmingly held by the amoral (or indeed immoral) super rich. The closer you are to the money flow, the more you can divert into your own pockets, hence the incredible wealth of bankers. The further you are from the flow, the poorer you are. The public good, merit, morality, fairness, justice and rationality play no part at all in the money flow.

The more dollars you have, the more powerful you are. The fewer you have, the more you become invisible. No one sees you and no one listens to you. You are "power deficient", hence irrelevant. Isn't it time to be seen and heard? Isn't it time for the public good and General Will rather than the private good (of the rich) and Particular Will (of the rich) to shape the power equation and dictate the money flow?
Money is a "proximity phenomenon" - the closer you are to its source, to its flow, the better. So, the rich ENSURE they are in closest proximity, while the ordinary people find themselves very far away. Those who are furthest of all from the money require State hand-outs, charity or must beg. They are held in almost universal contempt, yet their central problem is nothing but being too far from the money flow, and that can happen for all sorts of reasons. African Americans, for example, have never been allowed near the money in any significant numbers, hence have never stood a chance. Jews, on the other hand, went out of their way to be close to the money, and succeeded spectacularly. Most of all, the rich CONTROL who gets near the money. You are permitted to come close only if you're a member of their privileged cartel. The whole system is rigged against you. In a free world, the People, not the rich, not the Zionists and WASP Freemasons, must be in charge of who has proximity to the money.

1% (the rich) command and 99% (the poor) obey. Isn't it time for genuine People Power rather than the fake version served up by dumbocracy? Then the People must take the money of the rich - or we'll be their slaves forever. In this time of global financial meltdown, anyone who does not advocate a vast and unprecedented redistribution of wealth from the rich to the People is an Enemy of the People. Any defense of the rich is an attack on the People.

Free market capitalism has demonstrated that the market controls the economic and hence political agenda. Who and what constitutes the market? What is the market's purpose? Who elected any of the participants in the market? What are the political affiliations of these participants? How wealthy are they? In what way do they express the General Will of the People? Is the market designed to operate in the public good? Do our political leaders have any control over the market? Do they know exactly how the market functions and how it contributes (or not) to the public good? Do they know the identities of all the market participants and their respective agendas? Are they able to inform the People exactly what role the market plays? We all know the answer. Our leaders are clueless. They don't control the market; the market controls them.

The market constitutes an unelected, unaccountable, extra-political entity that nevertheless dominates the political space and can bring down presidents, prime ministers and entire national economies. It can provoke global economic crises and yet governments have ZERO control over it. Don't you find that somewhat odd? How can anyone talk of the people being in charge of the political process if the market dictates government policy? Free markets and democracy are INCOMPATIBLE. You cannot have a democracy if you have a market-controlled economy external to the political process and unaccountable to the electorate.

Democracy likes to trumpet the fact that you can remove unpopular politicians and governments, implying that you get the government you choose, yet there is no mechanism whatever for removing the controllers of the marketplace, the people who run free market capitalism hence the people who actually run democracy. If you can't remove them then you have no power at all and you are at their mercy.

The rich aren't stupid. They gave people democracy because they knew it changed nothing. The market retains all of the real power and THEY are the market. If the rich can't be removed from the market for corruption, greed, the pursuit of naked self-interest and actively acting against the public good then the people have no power. Democracy is a sham. The truth is that the market and its controllers are beyond the reach of the electorate while completely controlling the fate of the electorate. They are outside democracy and yet they run the democratic system. Is that not genius? The legions of dumbed down, manipulated and brainwashed masses who will fight to the death for democracy haven't noticed that their political system is a farce and gives them no power at all. Democracy is simply a disguised plutocracy - rule by the rich - operating via the "sacrosanct", unregulated market where the rich hold all of the cards and the poor have no say. 

It need not be like this. "Social" capitalism, as opposed to free market capitalism, is structured to ensure that there are no extra-political entities that dictate to governments and are capable of destroying the economy. Markets must be subordinated to politics, not the other way around. Every element of the political process must be defined (because how can you understand, regulate and control undefined entities) and must be subject to the will of the people; otherwise it's ridiculous to talk of "people power". The market is neither defined nor does it have any connection whatever with the public good.

Who are the authors of free market capitalism? - THE RICH.

Who are the beneficiaries of free market capitalism? - THE RICH. 

Who are the controllers of the economic and political agenda? - THE RICH.


Democracy and its diabolical twin - free market capitalism - must be abolished. Because, there is no such thing as a true Democracy and there will NEVER be such a thing as FREE-Market Capitalism.

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