Monday, November 17, 2014

America's Secret Government

America's Secret goverment is a collection of political appointees whom are NOT elected. These same bureaucrats are unreachable by the American public. These nameless, faceless, autocrats have since the Bush administration enacted policies that are in DIRECT violation of the United States Constitution. These political appointees are not held to any standards and are allowed vis-a-vis the current administration Washington to trample at will the right's and civil liberties of whom ever they deem a threat to the national status-quo. The national status-quo has ZERO to do with Clear and Present danger and more to do with political control and power.  These political appointees have the cover of national security as their Modus operandi but in reality there work tends more to be about political attacks, internal power struggles, and pork barrel appropriations within the vast Homeland Security apparatus. 

Anything to do with the Bill of Rights, Civil Liberties, the well being of the Republic, or even the capable functioning of the United States as a world leader is placed last on the list of importance by these unelected, nameless, faceless, autocrats. Their entire function is to obfuscate, insulate, and remove the true levers of power from the 'Emperor with no clothes'...The President.

There is a reason why those who are TRULY in power care not who is in office.  Remember, the American public are only allowed to vote for those, EASILY controllable candidates whom TPTB have vetted.  Do you really think they would let the 'PEOPLE' vote if it could actually make a difference?  In this last election there were OBVIOUS voting irregularities and NOTHING was done about it. The American public is so dumb, so uneducated that they think there is actually a 2 party system. The American 2 party system is actually just 2 heads of the same deadly poisonous snake. 
In England these same bureaucrats were called by Princess Diana as the 'Gray Men.' She said that they ran everything in British Parliament and that nothing or everything could be done or undone by these 'Gray Men.'  It was said after her death that it was these 'Gray Men' who orchestrated Diana's death at the hands of MI5.

In times past during the Ming Dynasty in China these political appointees  were known as the system. Which, was regularized and developed into a roughly three-tiered ladder from local to provincial to court exams. In the Ming dynasty, the highest degree, the jinshi (進士/进士), became essential for highest office, while there was a vast oversupply of holders of the initial degree, shengyuan (生員), who could not hope for office. Critics charged that the system stifled creativity and created officials who became their own authority.

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