Monday, October 06, 2014

Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO)

The United States will use a credit card known as Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) to pay for its new military campaign in Iraq and Syria.

The Pentagon has estimated that the ongoing air offensive against the ISIL terrorist group is costing up to $25 million a day.

US lawmakers have approved a measure authorizing the Pentagon to begin training and arming “moderate”(as if such a thing exists in the middle East)  Syrian militants. To fight a proxy war against the other American funded army in the middle east ISIS/ISIL.  All the while hoping to somehow overthrow the Syrian government.  This brilliant plan could take years and cost in excess of $50 to $100 billion US dollars. 

In recent weeks, US military leaders have seized on the war on ISIL and increased military spending by China and Russia, imploring Congress to eliminate the nearly $500 billion in budget cuts that were planned over the next decade.

However, analysts predict that Congress will most certainly fund the ISIL war using the OCO account, a so-called war credit card with no limits in borrowing.  This is a huge unlimited amount of money aside from the declared military budget in the United States.

It’s a war credit card, because America's economy absolutely depends on spending, purchasing, and supporting military contractors. Think, Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, Cerberus Capital, General Electric, Honeywell, Intel, Cisco, Rockwell Corp, The Shaw Group, Unisys Corp, L-3 Communication, ad nauseam...

The US declared military budget  maintains thousands of bases, over a million direct personal, the largest open water Navy in the world, an Air Force that is 1st class, a Space Force which is highly top secret, as well as the most advanced standing army in the world.  The USA's yearly defense spending tops $1.3 Trillion that trillion with a big huge 'T.'  

Keep in mind that the $1.3 Trillion is only the DECLARED US military expenditure.  There is an actual off book spending which the GAO (Government Accounting office) does not publish.  Those expenditures are the black budget, off book, top secret, above top secret, does not even exist, military expenditures.  For example...The huge American Space Fleet, underground bases, off world bases, etc. 

Now, as if  the USA doesn't spend enough on Defense spending already, and for some strange reason Congress won't pony up any more money to that gigantic pile of green backs.  Then, what is left to do for the US military?  Why they borrow it, they borrow the money from a no-limit War Credit Card called the OCO.

Isn't it great that the US military has created a secret War Credit Card which has unlimited funding.  So, there is no amount of obscene cash that cannot be spent in the pursuit to kill an unimagined number of people while at the same time imposing Democracy one 500lb bomb at a time. 

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