Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NWO Insider Reveals Entire NWO Plan in 1969!

 I BEG YOU take 1 hour and listen to what this man has to say. Even if you only listen to 15 minute segments. Please listen to at least 1 hour. It will open your eyes. 

  Everything BAD happening in our world is happening not by chance, but by the deliberate EVIL machinations of an ELITE ruling class.

This is sickening information from Dr. Lawrence Dunegan who was invited to attend a lecture by Dr. Richard Day in 1969. Dr. Day told this room of about 80-90 doctors all about the changes they would witness in their lifetime as a result of "The Order" or as we know it now as the New World Order or Illuminati. Dr Day told the doctors that he was free to speak at this time because everything was in place and nobody could stop them now!
Recording devices were not allowed in the room and taking notes was not allowed. Luckily, Dr. Dunegan had a near photographic memory and took good notes when he got home from the lecture. The notes stayed in his desk for 20 years until he pulled them out and decided to make audio tapes of the information in 1989.

Dr Day stated that he would be in real trouble if the information he was telling them got out to the general public. Was it a coincidence that Dr. Day died the same year that Dr. Dunegan began distributing this information on audio tapes in 1989?

After the lecture was completed, Dr. Day gave a hypnotic suggestion to the entire room that they would probably forget everything they heard today but would be ready for the coming changes. When Dr. Dunegan asked some of his friends that were in the room what they thought of the lecture a few weeks later, none of them could tell them what it was about!

Here are just some of the topics covered in this video created from Dr. Dunegan's audio tapes about the plans of the new world order.

Girls would be discouraged from playing with dolls so they wouldn't think about babies. They would be encouraged to both HATE and compete with men.

Guns would be eliminated almost entirely and the few that were allowed to have them for hunting would have to check them out from officials.

They already could cure over 98% of all cancers - they had the cures at the Rockefeller Institute. But they would not be released because there were too many people in the world and they had to die of something.

Homosexuality will be encouraged and eventually enforced by the government. Ho,osexuals would become a protected class.  As far as sex would be concerned anything goes.

Families would be systematically destroyed, especailly in the minority communities.  Parents would be diminished in importance. People would be encouraged to live together before marriage or simply alone.

Euthanasia will be encouraged. Anyone over 75 would be coerced to accept that their time was up and it was the moral thing to die. There will actually be a thing called "the demise pill" to kill the elderly.  

Births will be strictly controlled and you could not simply have children because you wanted them.

"Stupid" people would not eat correctly and exercise would be killed off by the availability of cheap unhealthy food everywhere.   The "stupid people" would die much earlier and that's what the "Order" NWO wanted.

Private doctors will be eliminated.  Doctors as independant caregiver who's primary concern was the patient would be eliminated. Doctors would become beholden to large corporations. So, now the Doctor would be an employee rather then an employer. The Doctors focus would go from the patients to their income which would be controlled by the new HMO's. 

They will make health care so expensive that you must have insurance or be financially destroyed. Limiting access to affordable medical care will make eliminating elderly easier. They would stop hospitals from giving any charity care.

New difficult to treat and diagnose diseases will come about as a means of population control. Every decade the "Order" NWO would introduce new viruses which would wipe out large sections of the population.  Think "AIDS" in the 70's 80's 90's in the gay community.

Running shoes and sports equipment will be made glamorous to make the "smart" people get into exercise.

Romantic music will not be put out anymore. All the old music will be brought back on certain "oldies" radio stations and the young people will have their own radio stations. Old movies will be put again for the old people.

Entertainment will be used to mainly change and program the young people. The Music industry would be used to degrade the youth and control their minds. 

Entire meals will be made and put in grocery stores. Convenience foods will be made unhealthy. They wanted people that were too lazy to fix their own meals or exercise to die early.

They would make puberty come on earlier.


Inducing heart attacks and cancers as a means of assassination.

They will blend all religions but Christianity was the one relogion that MUST be destroyed.  The other religions were of no concern to the "Order" NWO.  The Roman Catholic church would be inundated with  individuals who through their sexual vices would destroy the character and moral high ground of the Catholic Priest.   Once the Roman Catholic is brought down the other religions would fall easily.  Then they will create a new religion.

The "Order" NWO made it a point to say that they are going to change the Bible over time.  The "Order" would begin to print all kinds of BIBLES. Different interpretations, alternate wordings and many to many to count versions of the BIBLES.   By doing this they could reword the BIBLE, diloute the BIBLE, change the BIBLE to say and mean what it is they, the "Order" want the BIBLE to say.  The sickening thing is that the "Order" had people within the Catholic church and other Churches who would help them!

The education system will be restructured as a tool of indoctrination. Kids will spend more time in school but won't learn anything. Kids will have to specialize early on in their education and changing their plans will be very difficult.

ID will be required for all travel. They will implant IDs inside the skin so that nobody could say they lost their IDs. The man speaking even said that "The crazy Christians will say that this is the mark of the Beast." The man speaking said that the Christians will eventually go along with it becuase without the implanted ID they would not be allowed to work, use the bank, go to the Hospital, or even buy groceries.  It is also why the "Order" wanted to ahve the Catholic church fall before they do the implanted ID. It would make their plan go faster and smoother.  

The "Order" will control who has access to information. Some books will just disappear or be changed. They will even have thieves steal certain books from the library.
Drug use will be encouraged to encourage a "Jungle" atmosphere. Meanwhile police enforcement to put people in prison for drugs will be drastically increased.

Food will be strictly controlled and people would be not allowed to grow their own. They only would give you enough food to give you what you needed but hoarding food or growing food would be criminal activities. ( This has already happened) They didn't want anybody to be able to support those outside their system.

They, the "Order" want the entire World completely dependent on the system. For food, water, goods, services, anything and everything a human being needs to survive will be controlled by the "New World Order."

All of this is being done so that the One who sees all can finally take his seat at the head of the table.

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