Sunday, August 17, 2014

Democratic Party takes Rick Perry out of the 2016 Presidential Run

Make no mistake this circus surrounding governor Rick Perry of Texas has Zero to do with upholding the law and EVERYTHING to do with keeping a viable Republican out of the 2016 Presidential Race.

The catalyst for the Rick Perry indictment was the drunk driving arrest of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg. Lehmberg headed the Texas Public Integrity Unit, an in-house political watch dog entity.  Following her conviction, which included video of embarrassing behavior at the time of her arrest, Governor Perry demanded Lehmberg resign her position.  Nearly ALL Texans supported this request, thinking a woman caught on tape drunk and acting abusively toward law enforcement, was not an appropriate figure to be heading the Texas Public Integrity Unit.

Travis County is controlled by the state Democratic Party machine though, and party leaders refused the governor’s request, and allowed Lehmberg to continue serving following her brief jail sentence.  If Rosemary Lehmber was a heterosexual, Republican Christian do you really think she would have been allowed to stay in office?  No way!  However, since she is a 400lb Democrat who also happens to be a hard core lesbian she is allowed to flaunt the legal system.  

It seems we are swiftly moving into a new Fascist state where homosexuals and liberals are the new ruling class, and by the lack of outcry, it seems they are also above the law. 

Governor Perry in turn (legally) utilized his veto powers to withhold funding of Lehmberg’s department, thinking it unwise to send the peoples’ money to a “Public Integrity” office being run by a woman convicted of driving with an alcohol level THREE TIMES the legal limit who then used her position as a district attorney to threaten to end the law enforcement careers of those who arrested her.

The “Public Integrity” office is nothing more then the enforcement arm of the Texas state Democratic Party.  The sole focus of the  “Public Integrity” office is Republicans.  The “Public Integrity” office's agenda is to keep the Republicans from power and office. 

The charges are all smoke and shadow...there are no legal basis for the charges.  The thing about grand juries is that if you stack them the right way; you can get a grand jury to indict a HAM sandwich.   The grand jury which indicted Governor Rick perry was created and controlled by the Travis County Democrat Party.  

The entire charade is about taking a serious contender for the 2016 Republican nominations and branding him a criminal.  Even, when Rick Perry is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt innocent, the liberal press now has something to pin on, and hound Rick Perry with, for the foreseeable future.  This dog and pony show will be the lead in for every liberal new cast when they speak of Rick Perry for the 2016 Presidential run.  This whole indictment is an egregious trespass of justice. These are the types of politics that were used in Communist Russia during the Stalin era.  

Speaking of Stalin, wouldn't you know it, Ole' Georgie Soros has his money and influence controlling the fake semi-Communist organization called Texans for Public Justice.  This phony facade  bought and paid for by Ole' Georgie Sorros is nothing more then foreign interests meddling in Domestic politics, specifically Texas politics.  

What you are seeing in TEXAS is international BANKING  interests trying to break the back of America's heartland.  If filthy corrupt, foreign influences like Ole' Gerogie Sorros (Who is NOT an American) and his COMRADES are allowed to dictate honest political discourse in the American Heartland then all is lost.   REAL TRUE Americans must fight back or Ole' Gerogie Sorros and parasites like him will continue to gut America's economy till there  is nothing left, but indentured servitude to foreign BANKING interests.   

If TEXANS do not stand up for Rick Perry, then what they will get is a horde of FAT, entitled, lazy, foreign influenced, homosexual pandering, illegal alien supporting, military hating, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-white, pro-feminists, male hating, parasitic politicians who will make it their life's calling to dismantle the American Dream...

One hard working, tax paying, law abiding, GOD Fearing, Texan at a time...

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