Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Connecticut Supreme Court Betrays the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution


Connecticut's Supreme Courts recent ruling is a direct violation of the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution.   It involves every Connecticut citizens' civil liberties, which have now been thrown under a bus bearing the name "officer safety."  Now, it seems that  the people of Connecticut are less important then the police officers of Connecticut.   

The Connecticut's Supreme Court's decision makes everyone a suspect.   You are NOW a criminal if you are in the relative proximity of someone a police officer suspects of committing a crime.  It goes even more draconian, if you are even walking down the same street as someone who MIGHT possibly match the description, you are NOW a criminal.

So, if you are walking to the store to by milk and the police see someone who might match a description of a criminal, they can now arrest you, detain, you, search you, all because you were on the same street as someone who might match a description of a criminal. 

This is a clear and present danger to the civil liberties of all the citizens in Connecticut.  This is an egregious violation of the 4th Amendment to he United States Constitution. 

This means that Police Officers are now a superior class of citizens which the US Constitution does not apply.   The right of the people to UNREASONABLE search and seizure is clearly violated by The Connecticut's Supreme Court's decision to allow police to violate the 4th Amendment at will and with ZERO consequences.

What about the right of the people to not live in a Fascist state. What about the right of the people to live their lives free from the tyranny of warrantless searches.  This now makes EVERYONE in Connecticut a criminal.  Anyone whom the police decides is a criminal is NOW a criminal and they no longer have the protection of the 4th amendment.  Because officer safety trumps the United State Constitutional protection. 

The police can NOW target the wrong person and sweep up anyone who happens to be in the vicinity and will be immune from the consequences. 

In essence, the court gives police the ability, if not the actual right, to detain anyone at anytime for no reason at all.

If you read between the lines....the ruling says...

"The machine of the STATE is above the law which governs the people who make up the STATE. The STATE, and those who serve the interests of the STATE are superior to the slaves whom the STATE owns and rules over." 

This is a law enforcement blank check. This, NOW allows police to use spurious reasons to detain people they just don't want around 
-- like eyewitnesses and photographers or anyone who can refute the polices version of the story.

 This eliminates the public's right to live their lives unmolested by law enforcement officers. NOW anyone, anywhere, at any time is a criminal. 

Just as troubling is the amount of out right
malfeasance in Office
the Connecticut's Supreme Court had to engage in to reach this FASCIST decision. Facts are no longer facts. Facts are just something to be made up or discarded at the court's whim.

It is certainly very curious that the Supreme Court would take the extraordinary step of clarifying “factual findings” by the trial court in an effort to support the conviction, when the clear record below – the words said by the judge in open court – would support a reversal…

Where does it stop? Are facts only facts as long as they’re convenient? Are rights only rights as long as they don’t get in the way of governmental authority?
The Connecticut Supreme Court has delivered the public into the hands of a police state. Anyone, anywhere can be detained for absolutely no reason at all, and when they complain or file lawsuits, this ruling will allow officer safety to override all other concerns. If any facts are actually considered, they'll be filtered, forgotten or lost by law enforcement.  

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