Friday, June 27, 2014

The Last Truly American President

John F. Kennedy was the last American President to stand up to the secret cabal that has enslaved the United States of America. For his courage J.F.K. was assassinated and his murder was covered up.  Then, when his brother Robert Kennedy took up his cause, he too was murdered both brutally and publicly.  This was done to send a message to those who would dare, like Prometheus, to shine the light of freedom, to defy those who slither, procreate and prosper from the darkness.  Though he has fallen, though they have robbed this county of a great light, the high water mark of his strength and integrity still remain for those of us who press forward to the higher calling of freedom and Democracy.

Camelot has fallen, and lesser men of foreign birth, disingenuous in tongue and deed, squat pretentiously undeserved and incompetent in all but vanity and arrogance.  

All is not lost....

Raise the flag and lend a strong arm to the drummer, steel the eyes and remind the heart that at the North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts, out gunned, out numbered, free men by action and deed planted the seeds of freedom.  Though, the vine has grown weak and the hour is late, the VETERANS of the United States Armed Forces do not sleep.  Those who have shed blood to secure freedom and liberty, both at home and abroad, stand ready, with a watchful eye, upon the United States of America, of whom, they have sworn a solemn oath to defend from enemies both foreign and domestic.       

Let the example of President Kennedy stir the hearts of a new generation of United States Veterans, the true keepers of the flame of Liberty! 


- John F. Kennedy

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