Sunday, June 01, 2014


The video above details how someone went into Sandy Hook and paid off ALL of the mortgages in Sandy Hook on 12/25/2009.  EVERY Mortgage, every single one.  Someone very wealthy and very powerful bought off the town of Sandy Hook. Don't believe, it's PUBLIC RECORD, look it up I dare you.  

The video below is done by a security expert who has destroyed the LIE of Sandy Hook.  IF you are a True American who desire to know the truth...NO MATTER WHAT IT IS...then watch this 2nd video.  IF you are asleep and your biggest concern is who won American Idol then go back to sleep.  Remember, if you take the Red pill you can go back to sleep, but if you take the Blue pill I will show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.  


I am not offering you anything other then the TRUTH. 

The STATE POLICE showed up and threatened Wolfgang Halbig because he was asking questions.  HE was told that if he kept digging for the truth he would be in danger.  The very fact that the State Police threatened him speaks VOLUMES!

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