Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Politicians, Viruses, and Parasites

History is written by the Victor.  One thing not often understood is that most of the Wars waged by the United States of America...ie:... 'The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave' had anything to do with keeping America free. 
Just the opposite, those wars removed, piece by piece, the GOD given civil liberties set forth in the United States Constitution.  The culmination of these wars not only stifled Democracy, it down right erased Democracy for all citizens of this once great nation.   

President Lincoln, a shinning example set forth by the Democratic far left liberals, issued an executive order for the arrest and imprisonment of northern newspaper reporters and editors. He shut down 300 northern newspapers and held 14,000 political prisoners. Lincoln arrested war critic US Representative Clement Vallandigham from Ohio and exiled him to the Confederacy. 

President Woodrow Wilson used WWI to suppress free speech, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt used WWII to intern 120,000 US citizens of Japanese descent on the grounds that race made them suspect. Professor Samuel Walker concluded that President George W. Bush used the “war on terror” for an across the board assault on US civil liberty, making the Bush regime the greatest danger American liberty has ever faced.

Lincoln, a brutal dictator who only freed the negros because it suited his political aims, forever destroyed states’ rights, but the suspension of habeas corpus and free speech that went hand in hand with America’s three largest wars was lifted at war’s end. However, President George W. Bush’s repeal of the Constitution has been expanded by President Obama and codified by Congress and executive orders into law. 

Far from defending our liberties, our soldiers who died in “the war on terror” died so that the president can indefinitely detain US citizens without due process of law and murder US citizens on suspicion alone without any accountability to law or the Constitution. The conclusion is unavoidable that America’s wars have not protected our liberty but, instead, destroyed liberty. 

Alexander Solzhenitsyn the great Russian author of  'The Gulag Archipelago'  spoke eloquently of the subject when he said...

“A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.”

Notice, he didn't say war itself, he said 'State of War.'  kind of like the fake 'War of Terror' or the Fake 'War on Drugs' or the fake 'War on Poverty' add nausea.   This fake 'War De Jour' allows the Federal goverment to ignore civil liberties, legal definitions of silly things like...'Innocent until Proven Guilty' or that ever bothersome  US Constitution.  If the state, using a FAKE boogeyman, can whip the citizens into a fearful frenzy the citizenry might be willing, UNWITTINGLY, for a VERY limited time, to allow the suspension of  habeas corpus.  

The problem with this is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  With the State being comprised of Megalomaniacal, power hungry, self-serving, psychopaths, this is akin to throwing 1 single piece of raw meat at a large pack of hungry lions and hoping that they will not desire more.  Politicians, viruses, and parasites, to their own detriments often kill their hosts. This short sightedness, in turn, ends up killing themselves in the process. Even being forewarned neither the politician nor the parasite is capable of stopping.   

This is where America finds itself today.  There are no more nation states who wish too, or can afford to oppose America by playing the fake War game.  Thusly, with no outside hosts to feed off of the State has turned it gaze inward and has begun to feed off of itself.   The problem with the parasitic State latching it's blood sucking appendages on the once free American citizen is that the State will become more and more violent and paranoid, because it knows that if the people wake up and realize whats going on the State could be dislodged. 

IF the people don't wake up then the parasites of the State will eventually weaken the Nation so much that an opportunistic OUTSIDE force will invade and finish what the parasites of the State had begun.  Either way the once Free People of the Land of Democracy will be either enslaved by foreign armies or killed outright.  The only path to the body politic being made whole again is to dislodge the parasite and inoculate the people against any future parasites.  

Mind you, this was actually done 200 years ago at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, but it seems it is time for a booster shot.  


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