Tuesday, May 13, 2014

LESBIAN Judge Candy Dale Needs to be Re-Called

In BOISE, Idaho a LESBIAN federal judge has issued an injunction that will block enforcement of Idaho’s ban on same-sex marriage, effective Friday morning.

U.S. District Magistrate Candy Dale LESBIAN and Homosexual advocate issued a memorandum decision and order this afternoon in the case of four same-sex couples who challenged the constitutionality of Idaho’s marriage laws, which voters approved as an amendment to the state constitution in 2006.

So, the people, the voters of IDAHO went to the polls and voted Democratically, overwhelmingly that they did NOT want GAY-Marriage in Idaho.  Along comes a single LESBIAN Judge who overturns the will of the voters in Idaho who do NOT want gay-marriage in their state.

Tell me how is this Democracy?  The voters of Idaho have spoken, they have exercised they Constitutional right to have their morals and values reflected in the Idaho State Constitution.  There is NO Democracy when the will, the majority of voters in Idaho said NO to the Homosexual agenda and their will, their votes, their Constitutional voice is over ridden by a single LESBIAN Judge.   That is not Democracy that is Judaical  Oligarchicy where the land is no longer ruled by the will of the people, nor by the states constitution, but by any Judge with a gavel.  

So, it matters NOT what the people of Idaho want, their votes don't have any weight, the majority voice in Idaho has no power.  Whats the point in voting any more if the will of the people is to be over turned at the whim of any Judge?  Why even bother with the rule of law if the will of the people is now subservient to the will of a few activist HOMOSEXUAL Judges who can do anything they want and there is ZERO over sight to this affront to the United States Constitution.     

Because 4 HOMOSEXUAL complained that they were unhappy the entire Idaho State Constitution is thrown in the garbage.  What about the MILLIONS who voted NO to the HOMOSEXUAL Agenda?  The will, the overwhelming will of Idaho's voters means nothing, because 4 HOMOSEXUALS were unhappy.  

HOW is this AMERICA?  How is this the Land of DEMOCRACY?  Where is the rule of law.  When a tiny, miniscule, infinitesimal, minority can over ride the will, the votes, the state Constitution then DEMOCRACY is dead.  AMERICA is lost.  There is nothing now that even resembles FREEDOM.  The United States Constitution says..."We the People..."  Not, "Enslaved, Ensnared, and  no longer FREE...

The voters of Idaho should have that Judge recalled and thrown off the bench.  If not then they might as well start fitting themselves for chains.   Because, FREEDOM is not FREE!  FREEDOM is the most expensive thing in the entire world.   FREEDOM is not a gift, it is not a right, it ca not be bought, or sold and it most certainly cannot be set aside to be picked up when needed.   When FREEDOM is lost that is when the nightmare begins.   

Don't believe me ask the Jews in Germany in 1939. Ask the Russians during Stalin's many purges.  Ask the Japaneses who went to internment camps in America during WW2.  Ask the Kuwaitis during Saddam Hussein invasion of their country.  Ask the African Slaves here in America before the Civil War.  

FREEDOM is Not FREE and once it is lost it can only be regained at the unimagined high cost of river of blood and oceans of pain and suffering. If the Free people of Idaho do not stand up for their GOD given rights, then their rights will become privileges, and those privileges will be only for those who support the party's new line....ie: The Homosexual Agenda    

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