Thursday, May 29, 2014

Don't Inject Innocent Children Full of Mercury It's Poison

 Make no mistake I am not ANTI-Vaccine, but I am Anti-Mercury which is used in ALL vaccines currently being pumped into babies and small children whose central nervous systems are not fully developed.  The brain of young children are dangerously susceptible to mercury poisoning, even at the smallest doses Mercury is toxic to babies and small children.  
Surprise, all vaccines are loaded with the 5th most toxic form of mercury known to mankind.  So, not only are babies and small children poisoned by mercury 1 time when they get a vaccine, but multiple times over the course of the 1st 3 years of a child's life.  

Autism was not seen in the human population till 1931 when SURPRISE the medical community began adding MERCURY to vaccines.  The 1st 3 cases of Autism recorded in America can directly be related to Mercury poisoning. 

The video below is a quick 7 mintue video which touchs on major points correlating mercury with the onset of Autisim in American children. 

In the USA, 1 in every 50 children is now autistic. In this award-winning documentary, investigative film maker Gary Null looks at the causes of the autism epidemic and reports on children's recovery from autism. If you have small children or are currently pregnant you MUST watch the documentary about the relationship between Mercury and Autism below.

If you have children and you do not inform yourself of the dangers of Vaccines you could be condemning your child to a lifetime of Autism.  Which, as the medical community explains is like being locked in a nightmare inside of a universe that no one can free you from.  The term Hell on Earth comes to mind when you see young children with Autism screaming for help and yet there is nothing medical science can do except imprison them further by means of a chemical straight jacket. 

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