Sunday, May 04, 2014

8 Year Old Martin Cobb a Valiant Hero with the Heart of a Lion

 Above: Martin Cobb, an 8-year-old Richmond, Va., boy was beaten to death trying to defend his 12-year-old sister from a brutal rape.

Martin Cobb was small in statue and only 8-year-old, yet he stood his ground and fought with the heart of a lion. When faced with overwhelming odds he charged forward into a life and death battle to save his 12 year old sister. Even, when mortally wounded Martin Cobb held onto the leg of his much larger, older, heavily muscled attacker.  It was only when his attacker used a large brick, striking Martin in the head did he stop fighting.  Even lifeless, Martin's hands held his attacker, but with thoughtless brutality his attacker broke free of Martins final grasp and savagely raped his 12 year old sister. 

Martin Cobb died from the hit to the head with a brick during the attack near his family's home Thursday, neighbors said.  Richmond Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Mary E. Langer said she could not confirm or deny a brick was used but police did later state that Martin suffered severe head trauma which ultimately lead to his death.

Martin's 12-year-old sister was taken to a hospital with injuries relating to a brutal rape. While, the injuries were described as not life-threatening, they will be life altering.

A sign now stands in Martin's yard near his family's church.  The sign reads...

"Martin: A real hero lived, fought and died here!"

An African-America 16-year-old boy was charged with the brutal murder of Marin and the savage rape of his 12 year old sister, police said in a news release. Authorities said he intimidated and threatened the girl and she initially gave authorities the wrong description of her attacker. Police have not released the suspect's name because he is a minor. 

Pitchford described Martin as warm-hearted and friendly and said he was often playing with his sister outside.

"I'm proud of him. I'm proud that he stuck up for his sister. He did what he was taught," she said.
Pastor Dr. Theodore L. Hughey of the Abundant Life church said the boy, also known as "Marty" and "Little Martin," and his sister were inseparable and "always in and out" of the church.  "You saw one. The other was there. They were never apart," Hughey said  "He had a heart of a lion," said neighbor Andrew Patillo. "He stood so tall, to be so small."

The world is a smaller place now that Martin is gone, but his courage and valor, stand in testament to a young boy who was as tall as a GIANT.   GOD Bless Martin Cobb and may JESUS CHRIST heal the wounds suffered by his surviving 12 Year old sister.   

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