Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Great American Decline

U.S. public policy is ENTIRELY  dominated by LOBBYIST, Corporations, BANKS, and UNIONS.   

 Any issues which deal with Civil Liberties, popular rights have almost ZERO chance of swaying political opinion.  In Washington ALL policy making is controlled by those with the deepest pockets and largest coffers.

Professors at Princeton and Northwestern have sifted through two decades’ worth of data to offer perhaps the most detailed analysis to date of the United States’ modern claim to being a democracy. The results, they say, are stark.

“Americans do enjoy many features central to democratic governance, such as regular elections, freedom of speech and association and a widespread (if still contested) franchise,” according to the research paper by Princeton University Professor Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Professor Benjamin I. Page.

“But we believe that if policymaking is dominated by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America’s claims to being a democratic society is nothing more then window dressing..."

Anyone who still believes that the United States is a FREE society is lost in the propaganda of the past.  The American dream dies in 1913 when the country became enslaved by foreign banking interests.  After all Woodrow Wilson, like every politician after him sold this country into slavery simply because he wanted power.  W. Wilson wanted to be president and that was all that concerned him.  Not he millions who would die in 2 consecutive world wars, not the many generations of Americans who would have to bear the weight of an illegal and unpayable debt conjured out of thin air by foreign banking interests.  The Founders of this once FREE country wrote into the US Constitution that ONLY Congress can print and control the US monetary supply.   In 1913 what America got was what it has had ever since, a plague on all mankind, politicians.   Men and women whose sole interests in life is their own greed and avarice. 

53% of Americans polled said that neither party represents them...

The research paper paper is slated for publication in an upcoming issue of Perspectives on Politics, a peer-reviewed journal.  In it, Gilens and Page reviewed nearly 2,000 national surveys conducted between 1981 and 2002 that touched on hundreds of public policy changes concerning “matters of relatively high salience, about which it is plausible that average citizens may have real opinions and may exert some political influence.” The researchers correlated the responses in terms of respondents’ income, then figured out how often different groups’ preferred policies were implemented.

They found, first, that the rich and poor see many policy proposals from roughly the same perspective.
However, the data is more interesting when their views diverge. Gilens and Page report that policies lacking broad support among the rich are only implemented around 18 percent of the time. On the other hand, proposals supported by the elite are adopted more than twice as often, some 45 percent of the time.
“Not only do ordinary citizens not have uniquely substantial power over policy decisions; they have little or no independent influence on policy at all.”

“By contrast, economic elites (The Rich) are estimated to have a quite substantial, highly significant, independent impact on policy … In the United States, our findings indicate, the majority does not rule!" As a matter of record the majority have no say what so ever when it comes to policy making in Washington D.C. 

Make no mistake, those in both houses of Congress, the legislative branch, and the executive branch have little or no understanding of the lives common American.  

To those in Washington D.C. Americans are nothing more then sheep to be fleeced... 

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