Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Oath Keepers

Sgt. Maj. Page to St. Louis Oath Keepers gives his opinion on the the coming end of American Sovereignty and the eventual lose of Constitutional Rights.


 While, I do not agree with everything he says in this interview I do believe he makes some strong points which need to be addressed by the voters in the coming elections.  

The reason the Democrats want to flood this country with illegal immigrants is because they want power at the ballot box.  They don't care if this country sinks or swims as long as they can hold onto power.  


The welfare of its citizens and the destiny of this once great nation means nothing to the politicians in Washington.  2016 will be the breaking point for this country. 


America can NOT be saved by Washington D.C., by more government, nor by any politician.  It is ONLY the PEOPLE, the Patriots, the FREE men and women, the citizens of the Land of the Free and the Home of the brave who can restore this country to it's foundation of Liberty and Justice for all.


This administration, the last, and the several before that have failed this nation willfully, miserably, and seditiously.  Malfeasance in office has become standard operating procedure across the land, both in state and federal office.  


It is the voters who are to blame because no one cares.  The people have become complacent, just like the Jews in 1938 Germany.  It is now historical fact what happened to the Jews who turned in their firearms, who supported Hitlers over reaching his office.  They paid with their lives and the lives of their children, their parents, their friends, their neighbors, in fact 6,000,000 people died because they were complacent. 


Either we DEMAND competent leadership or we will fall for the prepackaged lies, the filth of Hillary Clinton and her cabal of globalist bankers.   In doing so America's fat, lazy, uninformed, voters will open the gates to the barbarians and become like Rome....A empire destroyed by it's own moral decay and avarice...


 "Ad quorum casum Romae"


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