Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Questions and Possibilities

What are the probabilities that a Boeing 777, the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 could simply disappear into thin air?  What real world scenarios could have accounted for such a puzzling event as an airliner, in our modern age of GPS simply going missing? 

Cui bono?

Who or what was on that ill fated plane?  What cargo could the missing airliner have been carrying that was so valuable?  Who has the technological ability to make an entire Boeing 777 simply disappear into thin air? Who has the ability to mask a Boeing 777 from satellite imaging?   Let look at the passenger list and see if there are any persons of mention.  There were 20 FreeScale Scientists who work on microprocessors for weapon technologies. These 20 FreeScale Scientists worked on microchips used in American F-16's, Hellfire Missiles, Drones, ICBM's, just to name a few. Then, you have the four mystery passengers who boarded the missing Malaysian jet with stolen passports.

Imagine what the information would be worth to a foreign power who is seeking to bring down the technological American giant. All the information needed could be obtained by drugging and or torturing these scientists once they were in the possession of a foreign power at an undisclosed black site.  With the right interrogation technique one could obtain the technological data which could defeat every US Weapon Platform because they all use the same microprocessor in the microchips.  Freescale is a microchip manufacturer who makes those microprocessors.  Now, the very scientists who make these microprocessors have vanished into thin air. 

                                Cui bono?
Freescale is a direct partner with Curtiss Wright which is also a defense technology company. CW built a majority of the planes for the US military by the end of WWII, they have changed the course of their business after a few bad business decisions and now focus on things like providing chips for a top US weapons platform... predator drones.  Curtiss Wright weapons platforms include AH-64 Apache, Boeing 737, Boeing 747-8, Boeing 787, Cenex Globe, Valve F-35, Lightning II, M1 Abrams, RQ-4 Global Hawk Stryker, MGS... All these weapon platforms and their classified chips are possibly in the hands of foreign powers. 

Freescale is partly owned by: Blackstone, who's CEO/founder is Stephen Schwartman, a Jewish investor who was a former ranking member of Lehman Brothers.
Carlyle Group, an investment firm known for its heavy interest in funding defense projects , and recent newfound interest in acquiring energy companies / facilities.

Permira, which has ties to media mogul billionaire Rupert Murdoch.

TPG Capital, which has interesting history with taking over failing airlines.


The real nightmare scenario is that EVERY advanced weapons platform currently in us the the US arsenal has become compromised.  This is why the American Navy is deploying Destroyers and Carrier Groups to find this plane. Not to mention all the spy satellites, microwave ease dropping stations, NSA'S metadata searches, and every electronic communication on the planet is being combed to find the proverbial needle in a haystack.  

This is a matter of National Security because of the invaluable microprocessor data these scientists have in their heads. Worst possible scenario, for the people on that plane, is that the plane landed at an unmarked landing strip.  The covert landing site has already been dismantled and returned to it's previous jungle environment.  Then, with no warning the passengers who were of no value were slaughtered and their bodies buried deep. This was followed by the Freescale scientists being loaded onto an Submarine/ Airplane/Cargo ship to a black site where they will spend the rest of their short pain-filled lives giving up every classified secret they possess.   Make no mistake, if at all possible, the United States will not allow these scientists to make it to ANY foreign powers alive. Even if they are still alive, they are already dead.

                      Victor pergit ad spolia!

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