Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jacob Rothschild --- Freescale--and Flight MA370

Interesting facts have come to light as of late.... 

Among, other valuable employees from Freescale Semiconductors Patent holders of patents being currently used by Freescale semiconductors were on the now missing Malaysian plane  MA370.

 Jacob Rothschild is the owner of Freescale Semiconductors.   The ownership of the patents used by Freescale Semiconductors, because of the deaths of the patent holders, which is a direct result of the now missing MA370, will NOW be solely owned by Rothschild.
The law works as such..."If the patent holder dies, the other owners share equally in dividends from the deceased.  If four of the five patentees die, then the patentee left alive gets 100% of the patent. That remaining patent holder is the company Freescale Semiconductor. Who owns Freescale Semiconductor?
 The answer is: Jacob Rothschild.  

British billionaire who also owns the company Blackstone, which in turn owns the company Freescale Semiconductor.  How fortuitous for Jacob Rothschild and Freescale that MA370 simply disappeared from the face of the planet. With all the patent holders now dead, Freescale stands to make a fortune.  All that money and so little time left to count it...


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