Thursday, March 06, 2014

Do Not be Fooled by The Main Stream Media

To often in these dark times the pundits on Network and Cable Television tell us how the elected governments in Syria, Libya, Ukraine are evil.  The United State propaganda machines love to pump out colored journalism painting other countries as dictatorships.

All to often the American public is shown war footage cleverly edited to pluck the heart strings and raise emotions.   The President comes out and declares that the free people of another country are being oppressed and in need of Democracy.

Again, edited footage of retouched, prepackaged, children weeping, flags burning, crowds crying out for democracy.  Then, comes the rhetoric, followed by emotional pleas, finished off by stiff jaws and stern looks.  Finished off by bombs, bullets, and sectarian violence, a veritable orgy of Democracy!

When it is all over the Western Democracies will control all of that nations Industry.  Add to that all of that nation's natural resources.  Then, comes the financial bank robbery in the guise of helping hand. The Former National Banks of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan  are now owned and run by the Federal Reserve Bank. All for Democracy of course and the children, don't forget the children.  That was one of Hitler's favorite ploys to get the Germans to go along with his murderous plans.

So, the next time you see politicians on the networks, 24 hour news channels or cable news, blathering on about how America, in order to spread Democracy, MUST to bomb this country or that country into the stone age.

Stop and think     Stop and think    Stop and think

Question their motives

Ask yourself...."Who really benefits from America controlling Iraq's oil."  Was it the 1,000,000 dead Iraqis or was it Millionaires like VP Dick Cheney of Halliburton who benefited from all that Iraqi oil?  

Ask yourself..."By invading Libya and seizing control of all their oil, did this help Democracy or did it help the Billionaires of British Petroleum and Shell oil?   

Ask yourself..."How many dead Syrians, Iranians, Iraqis, and Libyans does it take to spread Democracy.  How many innocent people have to die so that Democracy can live? 


Ask yourself..."When they say Spreading Democracy don't they really mean..."Making the Uber-Rich even more filthy rich by using the bought and paid for politicians in Washington, to apply the crushing power of American military might against countries that can't defend themselves."

Ask yourself..."When did spreading Democracy mean having the CIA go into a country formulate revolt by arming disaffected fringe groups,  sabotaging peaceful demonstrations with paid provocateurs, jury rigging elections, and a barrage of  24 hour a day state televised propaganda?" 
Ask yourself..."When did it become Americas job to police the world?  When did America become the world's judge, jury, and executioner?"  

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