Friday, February 28, 2014

Obama Acting Weak and Appearing Weak

Today, February 28th 2014  President Obama made a weak, watery statement bemoaning the  developing situation in Ukraine. During the short, pointless press conference, Obama expressed “deep” concern over reports of Russian military movements in Crimea.

“We are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the Russian federation inside the Ukraine,” the president stated. “Any violation of sovereignty in Ukraine would be deeply destabilizing to the region.” The President also expressed U.S. support for Ukraine’s new prime minister, which means in political speak..."Your on your own."

“It’s Not in the interest of Russia, Ukraine, or Europe,” claimed the President. “It would be a clear violation of international law.” The President also stated that there will be “costs” if any Russian military intervention is taken. At the end of his speech, President Obama pledged to continue communicating with European allies and the Russian government to resolve the situation, but many believe Putin isn’t listening.

Putin is not listening because obama has no balls, no spine, and never in a thousand years would he DARE to take on the Russian Juggernaut.   Obama will however, talk, stammer, make weak proclamations about unity, hope, and various other nonsensical talking points. That's IF his teleprompter is working.

Meanwhile, Putin is putting ships to sea, boots on the ground and sending Russian tanks into the disputed Crimean Peninsula. All under the guies of protecting Russian citizens in the Peninsula. Putin and the Russian Federation KNOW with certainty that obama is a spineless paper tiger who is fast becoming a lame duck president.  Not only do the Russian know this but so does the rest of the world.  

America is weak, leaderless, and no longer has the finances or the will power for sustained warfare.  The great cluster Fu*k in Iraq coupled with the decade long debacle in Afghanistan has effectively gutted the American coffers and left the US military exhausted and battle weary.  Now, obama and the clueless Democrats in their infinite wisdow think that shrinking and already stretched too thin military is a great idea.  Not only shrink the military but eviscerate it so badly that the US would be unable to effectively respond to any thing larger then a regional conflict.  

To be honest most Americans are fed up with this administrations incompetence and are more concerned with the fact that the economy is in the toilet and jobs are more scarce then an honest politician in Washington.  

 Make no mistake Putin knows that America is weak, he can smell the yellow on obama like cheap cologne.  Putin and the Russian Federation are doing what any chess grandmaster would do in a time like this....Take advantage of your opponents weakness and  grab everything that is not nailed down. 

Right now, with the Americans out of the way, why shouldn't Putin re-take the Crimean Peninsula. Its only been in the hands of the Ukrainian people for 59 years.  Ukraine’s province of Crimea is about 50% Russian.    Many citizens in the region identify with Russia. They do not want obama to intervene in their economic affairs. Kiev’s finance minister said it needs $35 billion in aid by the end of 2015 if the country is to avoid bankruptcy and collapse. Yanukovich had fears concerning an IMF bailout because they have already destroyed several governments in southern Europe.  Look at Greece, it is worse off now than it was before getting bailed out, because, in exchange for loans, the country had to introduce extreme austerity measures. These measures usually amount to a looting of the treasury and a lowered quality of life for the citizenry, which ultimately leads to more civil unrest and economic turmoil.

The European Union (IMF) has said it will provide funds if the Ukrainian government will sign an EU association agreement. Former Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovich refused to sign the EU association agreement in November and opted to instead sign a $15 billion aid package with Moscow because he knew the American had no backbone and lets be frank, the Russians play hard ball.

  Lets not kid ourselves the mostly Russian people of the Crimean Peninsula are more then happy to return to a strong Russian Federation rather then be a weak NATO puppet for a cowardly American President.  

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