Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Father Of Slain SEAL Team 6 Soldier Speaks Out

Seal Team 6 Funeral Ceremony where Obama Hired Muslim Priest to Damn FALLEN US SOLDIERS To ETERNAL HELL. The military brass sat on their asses and ALLOWED this to happen! We, American Patriots are deeply saddened by the betrayal of the Military Brass! MOLON LABE! 

MUST SEE! Father Of Seal Team Six Member Speaks - SEAL TEAM 6 SET UP


For two and a half years, the families of the members of SEAL Team Six - The SEAL Team that killed Osama Bin Laden - have been searching for answers. They want to know why their sons were put aboard a decrepit CH-47 helicopter and flown into a hot LZ with no support whatsoever, they want to know why the government lied about the circumstances of the deaths of the SEALS, and they want to know who is responsible for the deaths of their sons.

In three weeks they may get a few answers when Congress opens an investigation into the facts surrounding the downing of Extortion 17 in Afghanistan's Tangi Valley on August 6th 2011..

Charles Strange, father of Michael Strange, one of the 22 Navy SEALS aboard the ill-fated flight, tells viewers of the evidence he has obtained from government sources that lay open the lies surrounding his son's death that have been told by the military.

Charles' wife Mary also recounts how the government has bugged their home, their computers, and telephones. She says that they have been receiving strange text messages, and that cameras have been installed in their home; real-time photographs being sent to her computer screen as she worked.

That is absolutely terrifying. It was also the basis of a lawsuit that the Stranges, through their attorney Larry Klayman, recently won against the NSA. Mary Strange talks about that as well.


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