Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Officer Manuel Ramos is a Fat COWARDLY Murderer

This is the face of Manuel Ramos, he is a COWARD and a murderer.  A fat, bloated, COWARDLY murderer who hides behind his badge. He was the first policeman in Orange County history to be charged with murder for an on-duty incident.   Officer Manuel Ramos was charged with beating Kelly Thomas, 37, on July 5, 2011 in an vicious brutal assault that left the friendly and kind Kelly Thomas in a brain dead coma. The innocent victim Kelly Thomas never regained consciousness, due to the severity of his injuries, and died in his hospital bed five days later.

Kelly Thomas was a homeless man who the COWARD Manuel Ramos knew from his time as a local police thug. Kelly Thomas did nothing, committed no crime, did not resist arrest, he quietly sat while the bloated, foul smelling, COWARD Manuel Ramos tried to bait him into a confrontation.  No matter how hard the COWARD tried, Kelly Thomas refused to react to the eye water halitosis that the COWARD Manuel Ramos spewed into his face.  This sent the squat tubby MURDERER Manuel Ramos into a killing frenzy.

At no time did Kelly Thomas raise his hands to the COWARD, at no time did Kelly Thomas do anything that could be construed as illegal.  He had NO drugs on him, he had NO drugs in his system, no alcohol either, he was just sitting quietly in a public space and the the COWARDLY Thug Manuel Ramos didn't like the fact that Kelly Thomas would not tremble in fear.

 So, the COWARD Manuel Ramos, using his badge as a shield beat Kelly Thomas to death.  HE of course had help, the police as a whole are bullies and cowards, who hide behind their badges.  None of them can stand on their own two feet, man to man.  Manuel Ramos is filled with fear, he's been running from it since childhood, is is the same fear that drove him to become a cop, so that he could hide behind his badge.  Being a COWARD, like ALL COPS, Manuel Ramos the COWARDLY MURDERER called for back up.   

This was the result...

The obese, tub of crap, COWARD in a uniform actually claimed this injury, a scratch on his elbow from crushing Kelly Thomas's face in, trying to justify his MURDEROUS actions.

 This is how many times Kelly Thomas cried out for Help...

AND... today the jury in the Kelly Thomas murder trial, took less than one full day of deliberations to reach a non-guilty verdict, the COWARD Manuel Ramos was quickly ushered out of the courtroom when the decision was announced. 

There is actual VIDEO of the POLICE beating Kelly Thomas to death while he cried out..."DADDY Save ME!" And the tubby, COWARDLY, MURDERER Manuel Ramos, because he hid behind a badge, got away with MURDER.

Manuel Ramos no matter where he runs, no matter where he hides, even if, it is in a Taco Bell, he will always be a COWARDLY MURDER.  

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