Monday, January 13, 2014

Globalists are Abandoning US for China's Future Economic Potential

Potential Triggers That Could Start Next Global Economic Reset 


The dominion of the United States as the worlds lone Superpower is waning.  The offal in Washington D.C. have squandered the greatest economic treasure ever seen in the history of the world; that being the American middle class.  Couple that with the greatest spending spree in the history of the world, vis-a-vie MASSIVE, unsustainable borrowing and what you are left with is a once proud nation gutted from the inside by the very people elected to lead and protect it.   


 The only thing sustaining America's homogeny at this point is that the world's reserve currency in the American dollar and the illusion of American military superiority.    When, the day comes that the Russian and the Chinese realize, that TOGETHER they could easily crush the United States inside of 6 months of sustained operations, the game will be on!

  The war would not have to be long, just fast enough, and devastating enough that the United States economy would be forever shattered.  Once, the world sees the American military for the paper tiger it is, then it will be open season on ALL foreign American assets. Everything, from military bases, to global colonies, financial assets, companies, anything that cannot be protected by the crippled American military.  


 After that, it will simply be a matter of suing for peace with the cowardly American politicians who were so foolish to put their faith in a narcissistic, self-absorbed, dilettante as their leader.   The current administration in Washington has no love for America anyway, and would probably relish seeing it brought to it's knees by what he sees as it's betters.  


The global shift by the finical elite to a world ruled by China's future economic growth is already underway.  


My suggestion to you my fellow Americans is...




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