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False Flags by Definition are Treason

The criminal murdering elite have been utilizing “false flag operations” to achieve what otherwise would have been impossible by any legal means. To achieve their blood thristy  goals, they first have to create a problem, a huge problem, a tragic event, second: through the use of their corporate owned media outlets, inform the public with absolute certainty who is responsible for the tragedy.  Then, they whip the people into a blood frenzy and demand reciprocity and revenge aganist a third party whom they have already selected for the fall. Think Iraq, Libya, Syria, add infinity...

Take for example the fake shooting of Senator Giffords, the ever changing story of Sandy Hook, the badly acted Boston smoke and mirrors, the London Beheading, the British Bus bombing, 7/7, 9/11, etc... These are staged events.Why would they need to be staged in the first instance? I think we all know who benefits from these incidents so let's see why they could be staged or have elements of realism, staging and control in them.

A 'False Flag' is conducted solely  to advance a governmental agenda or the agenda of the elite ruling party. If the false flag fails, the agenda fails and the hidden few cannot govern the majority that way. So, you have to ensure that nothing prevents or stops the FF from happening and that it also happens just the way you want it to even it that means staging a production. It also means not being squeamish about the innocent body count. Such as on 9/11 when innocent people were forced to jump to their deaths because rescue helicopters were refused permission to land on the roofs of the twin towers. 

Due to the chances of things going wrong in the chain of events in any plan, a staged, contained or controlled production (or in the many cases of False Flags, drills) is a vital necessity in these kinds of operations to ensure the actualization of the event and that the public or third parties don't intercept or get in the way of the operations. Success of the False Flag is of topmost priority so that there is no deviation from the actualization of the plans and the narrative/storyline you want to sell to the masses and in turn the reaction you want to get from them to advance your agenda. It's the Haegalian Dialect of Problem - Reaction - Solution. It's the theme of the New World Order...33rd degree Masons 'ordo ab chao' which means...Order out of Chaos

If an effort was made to make the actual event uncontrolled, REAL etc. especially in close proximity to people i.e blow things apart, limbs flying everywhere etc., things could go wrong even at the onset amongst which are:

1. The public could stop the event. A brave act of heroism by someone could put months and possibly years of planning of a false flag event down the drain, blow the mainstream narrative cover off and render the propaganda completely useless. You wouldn't want any interference of the public with your plans so measures are taken to make sure that no one has any chance of stopping the event.

2. Vital evidence could end up where you dont want them to
. e.g 9/11 molten thermite. Steel had to be shipped to China immediately after the attack. Now, how about that? How could anyone possibly explain the fact that one of the first things that came to mind after such an incident was to have tonnes and tonnes of evidence shipped away from the crime scene? Hmmmm! Its just unreal for that to happen and the only reason you would do that is because you don't want evidence in the wrong hands.

3. Wrong target could be hit which in turn fizzles out the potency of the end result/reaction of the masses and thus the resulting propaganda.
Most terror related events are symbolic in nature but just somehow they manage to strike those targets and are successful at their cause on a first attempt? Ever wondered why this is the case? What would happen had those airplanes that struck the twin towers hit a different high-rise building. Of course that building wouldn't collapse as it wasn't wired for controlled demolition in the first instance. Hence no huge loss of life and no War in Iraq. Furthermore, the narrative of terrorism and extremism we've grown used to since 9/11 would fizzle out!

4. People are unreliable. They could cave in at the last minute, change their minds, feel remorseful etc. Duress, Blackmail and Drugs are some means to make people go against their will but even those could be unsuccessful which is why programming is needed. Either programming of the mind of the individual or programming of electronic devices to ensure the event actually takes place. US Air force Pilots have said numerous times that they couldn't make the mid-flight manoeuvrings the remote controlled planes did on 9/11. Most likely , the planes were remotely controlled so that there was no room for human error. As per the script, the planes had to APPEAR to actually hit the twin towers for the shock and awe effect.

The fact that in an actual plane was also used to attack the twin towers, chances are that the occupants could in fact subdue the attackers thereby stopping the event from taking place. Its amazing the reaction of all creation when faced with the potential of their demise. They would fight tooth and nail to survive. Again, this is something they cant allow happen. The use of humans in many cases are avoided but if used, they are often programmed to ensure they carry out these attacks. This could explain the blank faces left on most attackers after their assault. Their minds have just been over-written. It is also important to note that if an alleged attacker is programmed, under duress etc., close contact of that individual with the public could break the programming, yield more interesting, conflicting sides to the story - if for instance he is in a fight for his life, subdued or questioned by the public or third parties. He might give out information he's not meant to. This blows your MAIN-Stream-Media (MSM) narrative and you would not want this to be the case. So this is the exact reason why alleged attackers always have handlers hanging around them to program and deprogram them or simply to kill them.  Think JFK's supposed assassin  Lee Harvey Oswald who supposedly acting alone. When he threatened to start talking, out of no where, Jack Ruby kills Oswald before he could stand trial. That way the PATSY assassin is dead and now he can't start blabbering about the fact that he DID NOT kill JFK.

5. There are chances things could go wrong in an uncontrolled environment. Imagine if one of the twin towers had stood, fallen sideways instead of the controlled demolition fashion both came down in? If the planes and only the planes were the REAL cause of the collapse of the towers, the collapse we witnessed will be varied. In fact we could end up having one building standing or even both. But they wanted the buildings down anyway so they used a controlled demolition on both. Imagine for a second if both buildings had stood, now you would not get the necessary reaction of shock from the masses. Imagine for a second one had stood, now, how would you sell that to the world? You always want control of the plot all through the event. This is why they also always have standby response teams around the site of the event to contain the situation.

6. When there are too many witnesses, video recordings, photos etc, it creates an opportunity for the official story to be debunked!
You wouldn't want that. So you'd want the entire scene contained and very few shots of the crime scene is available. You can conceal evidence this way. In the case of the London beheading, where are other camera angles from eye witnesses and CCTV cameras? None is available even up till this day! Its the same tactic with the 3 frame footage released of the attack on the pentagon. They obviously couldn't possibly show you any more footage as that would reveal the fact that a missile actually hit the pentagon and not a plane. In the case of the London beheading, they conveniently had a ready made recording (and the only recording of the event) of a confession ready for the masses to consume.

This is why terror events need to be staged or controlled so that the events ACTUALLY happens and you are assured of your outcome and get ONLY your narrative of events out to the public. You don't want third party witnesses that could truncate your story and make people question the entire event.

The art of misdirection, deception and hypnosis is also very necessary. In the case of the London beheading, initial reports claimed that there was a beheading. This changed to a knife attack at a later date. Do the MSM mean to tell us that first responders don't know the difference between a headless body and a knife injury? Hold that thought for a moment and I will explain later why this story changed.

The victim of this alleged attack had the camera recording his back. The body was slumped and his jacket pulled over the head exposing his back to create the effect of a headless body but even at that, the torso was still much longer than that of someone who had actually lost his head. All through the event, no attempt was made to disturb or move the body. Not by the attackers, not by the woman claiming to help either. One of the things proper to do in order to ascertain life in a body is to shake it up like an attempt to wake someone up from sleep. This wasn't done in this case. Why? Because any movement would in fact reveal the head and blow the MSM cover story off. The story they wanted to get out to the world was the fact that a terrorist attack involving hacking of the head of a human was carried out and for that story to stick, it was vital that a head isn't revealed and no attempt was made to move the body in the poised position for camera capture.

So, why couldn't this have been a real attack?

I have already tried to explain in point 1 above as to why an actual attack just couldn't be conducted especially in close proximity to people as there are chances the assault could fail. In addition to this and adding more flesh to point 1 above, the victim could and would in fact make every attempt to save himself from this assault by fighting tooth and nail or even taking evasive action from being hit by a car or attacked. All of these instinctive actions increases the chances of the failure of the assault and thus the failure of the False Flag and as I stated earlier, if the FF fails the propaganda fails altogether which means you wont have the protests you are witnessing all over at this moment by the zombified masses, no COBRA meeting, no mass hysteria and no mainstream propaganda etc.
re-post -I have to say to it's author..."Brilliant Work"
 Why Terror Events are Staged and drills carried out on the day of the attacks.

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