Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Desert Tech an American Icon

   Desert Tech a gun manufacturer based in Utah has turned down a $15 million contract with Pakistan.  Thats a 15 with a boat load of zeros behind it.  The True American Heroes at Desert Tech choose to do this heroic act because the guns would be going to Pakistan.  A place were terrorists often stock up on weapons and ammo before going to kill Amr
American troops in the mideast.  Since we live in the day and age of the liberal left not one mainstream media outlet spoke on the story.  FOX News Corp, a bastion of conservatism, was the one exception to the Looney left's silence on the new story.  Desert Tech's decision, to put the safety of US troops on the ground in the mideast before profit is one that the White House should have applauded.  
As Hillary Clinton said...
"Whats a few more dead Americans.  Who Cares..."
Fox on air personality, Brian Kilmeade, said on Tuesday, "Fifteen million is a lot of money. But for this Utah gun manufacturing company, it represents more than a year of solid business."  Adding, "So, you think they would jump at the chance to make 15 million bucks in one day. But the guys at Desert Tech said no because the weapons were headed to Pakistan.
Sales manager Mike Davis asserted, "Basically it was just our company's stance and we were sticking with our founding principles and that was to keep the American troops safe."
Mike Davis said that the effort wasn't because they were "hoping to gain a whole bunch of media attention from it." Clearly, Liberal Left journalists haven't shown much interest in the story. All the Obama flunkies on the network morning shows and evening programs have avoided it like the plague.  After all Liberals hate America and hate the US Military with a passion. 
Mike Davis went on further to say "Pakistan is overrun with terror activities and they're not going to be using our guns to kill American troops . We are Americans 1st and a business 2nd."

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