Friday, December 06, 2013

Brown Shirts at TSA want detention PODS at all US Airports

The Transportation Security Administration  (TSA) ‘detention pods’are designed to hold hostage US citizens inside a DETENTION portal until a full Federal background check, X-Ray Scan, and police records are checked. Then, and ONLY then, will the green light appear and allow the person to leave.  This is Tryanny at its worst.  After purchasing a airline ticket, being groped by the mouth breathers at the TSA, having all of your belongings gone through by high school drop outs, after all of that....

 US citizens are subjected to the egregious affront of not being able to exit the airport without the permission of the TSA.

This now means that US citizens no longer have the protections of the United States Constitution.  The right of free travel unmolested has no been rescinded by the overlords of the TSA.   Holiday travelers will now become defacto prisoners inside of US airport. These new DETENTION pods are a way “to remind you that you are no longer a free individual in the New America.'

Make no mistake about it the TSA is the new FEDERAL POLICE FORCE.

You are no longer a free citizen of the United States.  You are now a consumer who will be allowed to buy, sell, and work.  Freedom is now a watch word which is used will put you on a no fly terrorists list.  Try telling a TSA agent that you are a Patriot and see how long it is before you are pulled aside for questioning.

Recently, the TSA went over a loud speaker at a major US international airport and declared..."Anyone making fun of the TSA or its Agents will be detained and or arrested."  That is a true story which the STATE MEDIA ignored.

In the very near future you will be stopped on the highways between cities by TSA checkpoints demanding your papers and your NEW FEDERAL interstate VISA.  All security at professional Sports stadiums will be maned by the TSA.  All Bus Stations will be manned by the TSA.  All private security will be replaced by the TSA in the near future.   All public gatherings will be policed by the TSA. As soon as those in power can find a way to force this down the throats of the American people the TSA will be every where...watching, recording, detaining, arresting, and then guarding the American public in the new family centers...FEMA CAMPS.

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