Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Hero comes in Many Nationalities

Ayyub Khalaf, the Iraqi hero who embraced a suicide bomber to save innocent women and children.

A truly heroic Iraqi police officer, Ayyub Khalaf, selflessly gave his own life on Wednesdayto save others.  The instant Ayyub identified the suicide bomber he acted with courage and honor.  Ayyub rushed the coward and threw his arms around the suicide bomber.  With only seconds to react Ayyub used his own body as a barrier trying desperately to contain the detonation which was meant for innocent women and children.  The Iraqi Hero saved many lives and kept hundreds of familes from spending the holidays mourning their dead relatives. 

The 34-year-old policeman’s sacrifice MOST certainly kept the death toll very low, with the wounded being only 10 souls.  

“Ayyub was martyred while defending pilgrims,” said his friend Saad Naim. “His name will be an eternal symbol because he saved the lives of  innocents.”

The attack, which took place in Khales, northeast of Baghdad, is the latest in a string of strikes against Shi‘ite pilgrims. Violence in Iraq has hit a level this year not experienced since 2008.  The HERO Ayyub Khalaf is survived by a wife and two children, 6 and 9 years old.

If only the world was filled with more Men of HONOR such as Ayyub Khalaf rather then the cowards who send little boys strapped with suicide belts to murder innocent women and children.  The world is now a smaller darker place for the loss of such a courageous shining light.

However, Saad was right, you will be missed Ayyub Khalaf, but your bravery and Honor in the face of death will live on...

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