Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Dianne Reidy 2 Step

Watch this video 1st...

1. James Manuel "Jim" Costa is the U.S. Representative for California's 16th district

2. You can see video footage from c-span showing the moments before Dianne walks up to the podium. A man with grey hair ( is ALLEGEDLY representative Jim Costa ) speaks to Dianne for a minute, nods his head, then she stands in robot fashion then blankly walks to the podium. As she gets close to the steps up to the platform, he turns and pulls what looks like a cell phone from his pocket and appears to send a text.

3. What house stenographer Dianne Reidy actaully said up on the podium is NOT, I repeat NOT what is being shown on the Mainstream Media (MSM).  The audio from what Dianne Reidy says on the podium is actual missing.

4. The audio which the MSM is playing over and over by house stenographer Dianne Reidy is DUBBED audio from when she was restrained being lead into an elevator.  Why this media trickery?  What did she actually say at the podium that they are hiding?

5. So, if you watched the video it looks as if house stenographer Dianne Reidy was given a HYPNOTIC command either by word or gesture. When this command was given she blanks out and goes and performs the PRE-PLANNED actions she was commanded to perform.

6. It is also being published that house stenographer Dianne Reidy is a devout Christian.  The MSM is again and again hammering that point stenographer Dianne Reidy is a devout Christian. 

7. The the correspondent who just happened to catch the elevator clip which is being run over and over on MSM is Todd Zwillich who attended McGill University and has a BS in Neuroscience Activities and Societies: Multiple memory systems, cognitive neuroscience, spatial memory. WOW, what are the odds that someone with that degree would just happen to catch the audio at the elevator?

8. House stenographer Dianne Reidy message was clearly directed at Christians. Which to me says that the Powers That Be (TPTB) are setting up for some type of fundamental Christian violence. Which will then allow TPTB to begin to regulate religious activities. Being that America is largely Christian a False Flag by some fundamental Christian group or individual would allow a change of public perception and support of Christians as a whole.  After all the US Army has just come out and declared that all Non-Denominational Christians are a Terrorists Hate Group because they believe what the BIBLE says that Homosexuality is a sin. 

I will add more to this as I research further into this...As of Now I believe that this was a planned action to misdirect and discredit American Christians. 

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