Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Corporate 9/11 Cabal

Make no mistake 9-11 was the MASS MURDER by the highest levels of American Corporate and Political insiders to push forth the Neo-Con agenda of controlling the entire world's known supply of energy reserves. 

This video is not long...

I beg you... FOR this innocent hard working  man in the yellow shirt who went to work on 9-11 just so he could earn a meager paycheck. Watch this video for him... because of murderous SCUM..This man on the morning of 9-11 had to choose between burning alive or jumping to his death 90 stories straight down.       

 Don't let them remain hidden in the shadows, be informed, know who the Alleged players were and how they are interconnected.

Allegedly, this video shines the light on the odoriferous feculent that may have... 



been a small part

a large part

went along with

was forced too

was bought off


egregiously participated 

or even turned a blind the murderous slaughter of innocent Americans. 

Mind you, all information purported here is opinion and Allegedly true...

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