Sunday, September 29, 2013

Obamacare SUKS

FOX News calls out Obama 

Over his Blatant Two Faced Lies 

 No matter what you think of Obama as a person or individual. As a two term President of the United States of America he is a complete failure and a bald face liar. 

If there was ever a President who had an opportunity to truly change the USA for the better it was Obama. Because of his skin color he was given a free pass to do whatever he wanted.  Before he was elected, in a landslide election, he swore to be the change that Americans, so very badly wanted. 

 Instead. Obama, like every President of the last 24 years, sold out the American people to the special interests groups, corporate oligarcs, and Wall-street bankers.

I wonder if Obama will every realize that he could have been a man that 1000yrs from now people spoke of with reverence an awe. Instead he will be remembered as nothing more then an below average bureaucrat.  The only Asterix next to his name will be, Obama he was black...    


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