Sunday, August 18, 2013

We Are Just Following Order...

This is a re-post of an egregious travesty which was perpetrated on an American citizen by the American government. Repeatedly this law abding citizen was told..."We are just following orders..."

Where in History was that last heard?

Welcome to the New World Order....

"Yesterday my wife and I go out for a drive to look at a house near Canadian border and enjoy the scenery.

We drive over to the Canadian border because we are close and figure we will go there and get the stamp because we have stamps from all of the continent and we are close, so hey lets get Canada and see some sights.

As were coming back into USA, guard there greets us and ask how long we were there, we tell her and do the normal nice conversation things, then she scans my passport.

BLAM, I hear her call for backup. I'm like ok what the heck, did I do something wrong? 2 more guards run out of office, she asks me to step out of vehicle and put my hands up where she can see them. I complied of course. This is surreal to me, I cant believe it.

I was handcuffed, and taken inside the building, they say my passport was stolen I informed her no that was my previous passport issued 1997, this one is my current passport. She says ok no problem but we have to fingerprint you and make sure you are who you say you are.

I inform her that the treatment is ludicrous but I understand they are following procedures, I have military ID's, state ID's tons of ID's including passport. She takes me in fron of counter says we have to fingerprint you, I said I'll comply but don't scare my wife and 2 year old they don't understand whats going on.

They fingerprint me, wait a few minutes, then BLAM, start treating me like terrorist AGAIN, I'm handcuffed again, only rougher this time. I asked whats going on, you know who I am and as a US citizen this is ridiculous, they tell me nothing, and just stare at computer screen, I ask why I am being detained, they say that my fingerprints are coming back to a Canadian, not me, Im not who I say I am. I told them I couldn't believe it, its surreal like something out of a movie.

They just tell me that they have to investigate it and they will straighten it out. They put me in holding cell, handcuff me to a steel bench, and I ask about my wife and son, they said they are free to go, I ask if they will tell them to go to hotel and wait so my son isn't out in heat. The guard tells me he will tell her that, and asks me some questions about where we met, when we met, etc, I tell him where I was born, when I served in Marines, what combat I was in etc, the guy writes everything down. He comes back in few minutes ask more questions, I give answers again, and I tell him they way they are treating me is wrong, Im a US citizen, a combat Veteran who served this country honorably. Then I ask to speak to an attorney, he says I cant, Border Control doesn't have to allow it because I'm not proven to be a US citizen, because my fingerprints came back as Canadian.

He informs me an ICE agent is on the way. She will determine what to do with me.

An hour or so later he and the guard who initially handcuffed me come back and question me again. I give her the answers to her questions then inform them again that because of my constitutional rights I am requesting an attorney, they say I have no rights, I said ok, so my prints are not coming back as me, and Im not the guy the computer says I am so I'm a nobody huh?

She says yes thats the best way to put it. I then tell them I want my request for an attorney put on incident report, and I am making a formal complaint about the treatment now. They say so noted.

I ask what happens next, they tell me ICE might have to transport me to Spokane, to sort it out, and then if they figure out Im who I say I am they will release me.

My thoughts are constantly of my wife and son, what are they going to do? I ask that question, they tell me they are free to go, but my wife cant drive because she doesn't have a drivers license. I tell them to tell her call a taxi and go to where we are staying. They say they will tell her and leave.

Hour later they come back again guard tells me he is going to reprint me, I said fine but my prints didn't change, they never will, so unless the COMPUTER system has been manipulated or changed I'm always the same US citizen I told you I was. He says well lets print you again and see what happens. He handcuffs me again leads me out to front, and prints me again.

This time the prints come back as me, I tell him, OK, you know I'm a US citizen I want to be released and he says you can look this up later but we don't have to allow it. I told him I want to invoke my constitutional right and speak to an attorney, he says they don't have to allow that either.

I ask why I am being detained, If I am accused of committing a crime, or am I being investigated? He says we have to let the ICE agent determine what to do with you. I again state that the treatment of US citizen in this manner is horrible, for that matter no one should be treated like this. He says I'm sorry, I tell him at what point does he “just doing his job stop” I inform him that “JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS” is wrong when you violate others rights and you know they have committed no crime, or are suspect of committing a crime, at some point YOU HAVE TO THINK, and logic will bring you to the conclusion that what your doing is wrong. He says I'm sorry but I have to do what I am told.

An hour so later I hear the ICE agent arrive, they take me out again and PRINT me again! My prints come back this time as ME AGAIN, she says I'm an Agent with ICE and I'm sorry, I said oh, the stage coach finally arrived did it? She laughs and says I'm sorry but I had to drive all the way from Spokane, we are sorry but can we talk about your passport?

I ask her if I am being investigated now, or if I am suspected of committing a crime she says no, but my passport was reported as stolen, I inform her that this is my current passport and the one that was stolen had an issue date of 1997. She asked about my military service, how I met my wife, where we are staying, I again ask her am I suspected of committing a crime, am I under investigation and are they detaining me. She says no, I'm sorry for all of this, you are free to go.

At this point I tell her this is a travesty, I said don't apologize to me, go outside and BEG my wife and son for forgiveness, tell them why you did this, then tell my wife why I a Man who follows EVERY Law of Man and God was handcuffed, put in a holding cell chained to a steel bench, and everyone keeps says its for protection. I don't want your protection, I can protect myself.

She says I know you can protect yourself, Ive seen your record, Ive been on the phone while driving here I know all about you, and with your back ground you should understand why we have to follow these procedures.

   The computer says you were a different person after we printed you, your prints came back as a different person, its a GLITCH in the system.  

We have never seen it before, I'm sorry, I cant apologize enough. I then said this, “if you see a glitch now on me, a man who loves this country, fought for it, and was willing to die for it and to protect our citizens, then who else could it happen to? 

Don't apologize to me, learn from this what if it tells you someone is a terrorist and they aren't, USE some common sense, THINK, If you follow orders blindly, your wrong, there will come a time when you have to decide are these orders legal, are they moral, as a marine we decided in split seconds, if they were legal orders or not, if they were not we would risk everything and tell our superiors they were illegal orders and refuse them, that's the right thing to do.

After all Hitlers soldiers were just following orders!

I found out while talking to my wife on trip back, they lied to me and her several times, they told me wife to quiet my son down, make him sit down, and made them sit in the car in the heat without allowing them to have the keys to start the car to turn on the air conditioner. The weren't allowed to get food or anything else for more than 5 hours while they held me, even though they were suspects of nothing. My wife asked passerbys if they would call a friend for us to tell him what was going on and see if he could help. People just looked at her funny and left.

I'm gonna send this same letter to border patrol, and ICE, but thought I would share it with you all, the US Air Force, NSA, FBI, and whoever else wants to read it here.

As a human being and a person who loves God, I can tell you we are headed down a bad road, don't take my word for it, open your eyes, pay attention to your surroundings, watch other people, help them if you can. If we don't help others and just follow orders then your a slave to the system and TPTB. If you just follow orders and allow evil things to happen to others when you could have helped them, you just became evil!  

When did the American people become the enemy of the US Government? 

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