Friday, August 30, 2013

The Numbers Don't Add Up

Is anybody buying the obvious propaganda against Assad?  Yes, he is a dictator, but there is zero evidence that he was behind the chemical attacks. He has been winning his civil war, so why would he use chemical weapons against defenseless civilians, the very day UN inspectors show up!

Obama is a cowardly ineffectual leader who is putting the United States in a very dangerous position.  I say this KNOWING that nothing that will happen will be by chance.  All of the missteps, such as, broadcasting of the USA's military strikes, Obama waffling on his decision, the British backing away, none of it is unexpected.  Israel is preparing for what it really wants...An excuse to go to war with IRAN.  All of this saber rattling and war mongering points to a much larger agenda.  That being total control of the Mid East oil production and supply.

What no one is anticipating is the fact China and Russia can NOT stand by and cede total control of the worlds oil supply to the Western Democracies.  It would be economic suicide to both countries.  The wild card here is that the USA economy is bankrupt. It is being propped up by fake numbers. Pay attention to the following...

For 70 Straight Days and counting:

Treasury Says US Debt Stuck at Exactly 



Something HUGE is about to break.  War is just the first and most obvious outcome.  

However, remember the long Con is what is in play here. 

 TPTB are getting ready to make their move. Pay attention to what isn't being said and what is being spoken of on the side of all the big action. That is where you will see their true intentions.  

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