Sunday, August 04, 2013

Proof of Michael Hastings Murder

This is how Michael Hastings was MURDERED! Why would a man known for his calm demeanor and cautious attitude get into his brand new 2013 Mercedes C250 at 4:30am and accelerate the car through a 4 way intersection at 100mph. Then, recklessly plow through a red light, which was caught on a police dash cam, all the while accelerating faster and faster till Michale Hastings had his brand new 2013 Mercedes C250 flying in excess of 120mph.  An eyewitness said right before the crash the car was hurtling so fast that it began to bounce off the pavement do to the inconsistency in the level of the road.  Then, without EVER applying the brakes (The Police found NO skid marks on the roadway)  Michael Hastings kept his foot firmly planted on the accelerator till he finally slammed into a tree.  

Make no mistake Michael Hastings was MURDERED by those in power who felt he had information which would bring down another very highly placed person within the American government.  With the higly advanced 'SPOOFING' abilities of the NSA.CIA,FBI, it was very easy to seize control of Michael Hastings brand new 2013 Mercedes C250 and propel it in excess of 120mph.  At that moment Michael Hastings was trapped in a run away car which would not respond to any of his commands. Including, hitting the brake, moving the steering wheel, turn the car off, or even trying to force it into neutral. The  brand new 2013 Mercedes C250 is completely run by on board computers.  Michael Hastings most likely died in stark terror as he frantically tried to regain control of his car. 

Michael Hastings was murdered!

Car hackers: Researchers to reveal how easy it is to take complete control of a moving vehicle:

Hackers are set to reveal for the first time how to take control of a car remotely. Security engineers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek say they have used a laptop to break into the software inside a Toyota Prius and Ford Escape.
They claim it allows them to control the brakes, the accelerator, change the speedometer, flash the headlights, tighten the seat belts and sound the horn at a press of button.

At the same time, two Spanish experts are about to unveil a £16 device which they say lets them bypass security in a car’s electronic control unit.

Javier Vázquez Vidal said: ‘It would take no time to gain total control over a vehicle – deploying an airbag, activating the brakes or immobilising a car.’

The idea of hackers taking control of a car has been mooted for some years but experts fear that, with cars becoming increasingly computerised, it is closer than ever to reality.

In a test drive for a magazine, Mr Miller and Mr Valasek used a MacBook plugged into a Ford’s electronics to speed up the car and slam on the brakes.

They also jerked the car’s steering violently. ‘Imagine you’re driving down a highway at 80 ,’ Mr Valasek said. ‘You’re going into the car next to you or into oncoming traffic. That’s going to be bad times.’

The US pair, who say academics have already shown how to access a car’s system remotely, will reveal more at a security conference next week.

Michael Hastings was murdered!   

Michael Hastings was murdered!  

Michael Hastings was murdered!

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